To whom that shall read this?  
I am fully a where that, this website could be a damn site better. I know it's pretty basic, but I also know that I literary bust my ass day in and day out. To do the absolute best that  I can.  Did you know that 99.9% of the times ? I update my website through the PS4 browser.  Look I don't have a working PC , at this time. So to properly update this website, I have to go to my local library. And much as I enjoy my library, I can't run up here every single fucking! day to properly update as much as I would love to.
Look the TRUTH is  one day I wasn't paying attention or I was possibly distracted? Who the fuck knows OK, point is I knew the website wasn't up to my standards of publishing it , you know making it "live" but consciously or unconsciously ? I hit the button to publish it.
Sure I could have deleted it and started over, but I had worked so hard on it I said "fuck it! it was it is " and left as is.  Hopefully one day soon? I will be able to move this to wordpress, because Weebly my host site is about as fucking basic as you can get. Not to mention, that I'm limited to only 6 fucking pages:(  So what I am basically saying is get off my fucking case already!  I really am doing the best that I can do. 
Sincerely, Annihilation Gaming P.S. It's called PASSION! look it up.


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