I swear to god! Every single game reviewer, but your truly literary has their head up their ass over the Witcher 3 ?  It boggles my fucking mind!  But unfortunately that's you get when your "paid" to review a game, that and myopic thinking and tons of fanboy opinions. "rolls eyes"  The Witcher 3 is a good rpg game , not a "masterpiece" as every single review would lead you to believe?  I'm honestly shocked, at a few reviewers that at one time respected.  Say, one Kevin Van Ord who writes game reviews for Gamespot.  Who usually , is very non-biased gamer?  But for his Witcher 3 review , in giving it a 10/10 has officialy sold out!
"Sigh" were do I even begin to, point out the many "issues" I have with this game without spoiling it.
I'll start with tutorial\prolougue , which I recommend not to skip. Because it has one of the best openings for not only an RPG , but one the best opening "cut scenes" in a while.  "Hint" hell literary freezes over;]  and I will leave it for that now.
Now let's move on to the controls and the wonky combat, that keep this game from true greatness?  Oh I'm sure it will get patched  at some point, long before you play the game. But, I'm reviewing this game as is, with one mandatory patch already installed on consoles. But yet it's "optional" with the PC version.   I'm going focus my review on the major issues I have with the Witcher 3 , and the game reviews as a whole and also talk about one thing every single review has missed?  Is why it's called the Wild Hunt, and thihgs I did like. Plus those little touches as well.   But my main issue! with the Witcher 3 , is this game is far from  perfect as everyone is making it to be.  As a personal note, I will be very disapointed to see Witcher 3 end up being GOTY 2015.  Anyways moving on,  



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