As a rule, I only tend to publish reviews for my website. Because for thing, it's smart and I can control the "unnecessary  comments"  But! Amazon literally begged me to write a review on Smackdown vs. Raw 2007;)  Please note that all reviews don't get posted, and the funny part is it got approved right after I had finished typing it.

       TV14 Wrestling at it's best., May 19, 2015

      This review is from: WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 (Video Game) Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 without a doubt, was the last actual, true wrestling game. Although it didn't just focus on wrestling per say. It is the closest thing we as true WWF/WWE fans will ever get that was closest to the TV show. I know the "WWE crowd" has their favorite wrestling game in the series. Mine has always been, Smackdown vs. Raw 2007. And here is why? Not only did it capture the TV show, perfectly. This game was set during the TV14 wrestling days. From everything to when the crowd would yell out ! You suck! to Kurt Angle to Degeneration X still being Degeneration X. The game also had "hot spots" , also know as environmental hot spots. Which included, everything to dragging your opponent to the ropes and giving him a "rope ride" ;) To "dragging" an opponent to the turnbuckle , and slamming their head into and un exposed turnbuckle or to give the a bunch of "closed fist punches". This game also had a stamina bar associated with each wrestler, which I always brought both frustration and a sense of realism to the game as well. Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 also had an actual "story line" unlike the present WWE games with Road to WrestleMania and Replaying allot of Iconic matches. Don't get me wrong, their is nothing wrong with that. It just get's boring over and over again. In this particular game you had your own dressing room, you could customize by buying or un locking things in the main game.
Your "options" for the story part varied, you could wrestle "clean or dirty" and you earn points based on that to improve your created wrestler.
Plus the game was fully voiced by the WWE talent themselves:) In fact It's weird to see guys like Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerro in this game. Knowing fully aware of both their tragic ends. In one of the story lines, Edge will turn you into a "girl" with his magic fairy wand. Another storyline involves the Undertaker, where Teddy Long asks you to be a special referee with "unfortunate" consequences depending how you call the match.

Another storyline involves Stephanie MC Man and Kurt Angle "cleaning up " the filth in the WWE. Of course the focus, in Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 was on Tag Teams. It has your typical match types from previous games, it's too bad they being THQ didn't really didn't develop on the environmental hotspots. It would have been interesting to see what it could have been? That never was. So IF you long for the TV14 days of wrestling, I highly recommend you pick this game up. This was THQ, at it's best. P.S I know I left allot stuff out this review, but the whole point is to get you to play this game, and not give you what I refer to as "condensed gaming" . Where as a reviewer will basically "spoil" the game in their review, so you really don't need to play it or actually experience the game. And, I'm not that kind of reviewer. So bottom line, this game is for the truly hardcore wrestling fan out their:)




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