Now unfortunately I didn't get into the beta:[ But that won't stop me from, telling you what  I honestly think. And it's not good.  See when it comes to MMO's , about 90% is "social interaction " And , even though I am simply going by my experience on the SSN's I would say it's a very indication of what's going to happen in game.  Now the 2 sites in question are  and Twitter.  PlayStation blog 1st,  their is this "turd gamer" by the name of Seabeepug? I gotta tell you , I have seen some pretty stupid gamertags in the past? But this particular 1 takes the fucking cake.  This Seabeepug, is total  "shit stain" of a person , and is an obvious troll.  He call others "crybabies" and has no sympathy for others. But, yet he is still allowed to post on the forum without any banning. Part of me is glad, he didn't get into the beta? Because, I would feel allot worse then I do. But , unfortunately this "shit stain" will be playing on the PS4. Which brings me 2 one of my "biggest" concerns? And that is, how well modeated will E.S.O be. I have read articles, about players "greving other players " and the fact it's not tollerated. But that was for the PC version, this is the console version.  I really don't want E.S.O becoming another League of Legends or DC Universe Online, 2 of the most "toxic games" outheir.  That's why beta, was so important because I wanted to know what in the hell I would be getting into come June.  In fact, that's how I truly will gage MMO's by the forums.    Because 9 of 10 times, it does reflect in game.  Now the only positive I see, is E.S.O is B2P and not F2P.  And I can only hope, it will weed out the "trash" so to speak.  F2P MMO's are the absolute worse kind of MMO's outheir.  I'm also fully awhere that E.S.O has a global chatbox , which I absolutly hate when it comes to MMO's:[ Hopefully , I will be able to turn it off?  I know you can on PC, but console versions take awhile to add things like that.  As I have always said "chatboxes breed, chatholes"  allot of recent games like Destiny and Planetside 2 don't have them at all. And that's a very good thing, but it takes 1 "toxic turd" to ruin it for others:[
To be continued ._._._


04/25/2015 1:20pm

Are you a complete idiot? Seabee is a part of the USN. Unless you are really looking to be flamed I'd revise the article.

Also how was this dude trolling? You're really being an uptight jerk. Can't handle a differing opinion so you go and try to bring someone else down by writing about them. Definitely over this blog.

Disrespecting the military and trying to flame someone for a different view. Way to go jerk.

05/06/2015 11:13pm

As the owner of Annihilation Gaming, I usally don't give in2 threats or demands. But, you have MY attention ! That's not necessary, a good thing? Because I usally ban ppl, that make threating comments! Because of my zero tollerance pollicy, on cyberbullying.

It's prettry obvious you were "butthurt" by my post. I don't apologize for that. But I'm in a generious mood today . Serra

I know trolling when I see it, just like right now your "whiteknighting" for this Seabepug? So prove me wrong? And I'll consider changing it? But here is "the deal" Whiteknight. And it's a rare, and a one time deal only. And you also have, a limited time?

IF! and that's a huge IF lol! IF you can prove to me, with out any doubt whatsoever ? Without , resorting to any trolling, flamming, cyberbullying. And I will know, trust me. I will consider changing it, but then again I'm not to worried about it lol! Because, IF your only defense is that? Seabepug works for the UN, were all fucking doomed;] really. The clock, is ticking.


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