Now before you decide to leave a troll comment, about me being bitter or jaded? I have one thing to say to you, fuck you! And fuck you! Bethesda for "fucking" me over twice on the E.S.O beta. It amazes me, how I can get into betas? I don't give "two shits" about. But, the time I want to get into a beta I don't! But, this was the second time I got "screwd" over by Bethesda.  And for those that got in? I hope you literary , choke on the fucking beta. And to the asshole, Jwan14 you tamale eating motherfucker! I hope your Ps4 , crash and burns right before the game launches;]  So you can't play the game come June 9th:]  Jwan14 is this douchebag, I met through Twitter and he was bragging and rubbing it in how he got in like "boom!" It seems like these "assholes" that get in beta ? But really have no "business" being in beta. Big fucking deal Jwan14 , your batting 1 in a thousand.  I have been in 15 betas total. So when you get in that many, give me a call you fucking wannabe.
See here is why I'm pissed! I signed up for the Ps4 beta last year ok? Now fuck those , "lazy fucks" that didn't but are still beging for codes like a bunch of "mangy animals" on Twitter. God! How fucking sad and pathetic lol!  Of, course they postpone the beta and I get this fucking generic email afterwards thanking me for participating in the beta. And you want my feedback?  Are you fucking, kidding me with this shit!  I was never in the fucking beta?
And now you want my fucking feedback , fuck you! Bethesda.  I did write, to these clueless assholes that I was never in your "fucking" beta" talk about insulting my intelligence.
And then about a month ago, I get another lame ass survey. Asking me, if I'm still intrested in participating in the beta? So I fill it out, I pick my platform. Only to find out recently, it made me eligible but not a guarantee for beta. And I'm thinking to myself wtf? Does that exactly mean?  Well it's kinda like when a girl says she's "single" and she's really not. So fuck you Bethesda, and the horse you rode in on! Will I still give a fuck, come June9th? At this point I really don't know.  And you can take, were going to "stream" the game come this Friday. And shove it up you ass! Oh how I love watching some retard, play a game that he/she totally sucks at lol! I rather watch, paint fucking dry then watch anothet one of your stupid telecasts.  Here's a thought Bethesda , get some people worth watching because it's like watching "piss poor actors" butchering you favorite movie:[  But, If you want to watch this lame fucking telecast you can do here. But remember you've be warned lol!  Enough of that shit! Here is a video by Aerosmith, "Jaded"



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