I can honestly say, I hate Net 10 wireless and I was finally hoping to get a new cellphone provider? So I do what most smart people do, and that's R&R "reading and research.  So just by surfing the web,I come across this Top 10 reviews website. Now I'm always skeptical , when it comes across unknown websites?  But, they nailed Net 10 to a complete T.  
So as I was reserching cellphone companies, I came across H20 wireless and they were #4 on the list.  Well, it turns out they should be tied for 10th. 
Ok, here is what pissed me off, IF I'd known it would take up to "8 business days " that's about 2 weeks for snail mail time btw.  I would have ordered it 6 months ago.  Now according to their "website"  Circle K's are suppose to be a distributor for H20 wireless ? Even said was , according to the website. Well , I went to my local Circle K and guess what? No H20 wireless "what a shock!" so my only option is snail mail and get this . It takes them 48 house to process an order.  48 fucking hours to do exactly what?!  Seriously?  What to locate the phone, when the should just look up their ass. Throw it an a box , and  print out a shipping lable. How fucking lazy do you honestly have to be? That it takes you 48 fucking hours to process an order? Mind you, they have already taken out the $40.00 of this writing and still haven't shipped out my phone yet? As of this posting. So I will have to wait another month to switch cellphone providers.  By that time , it should be 100% free and I honestly don't IF I will fucking care anymore?   But I promise you this, I will take  my own CPT time to ship it back to them;]  https://www.h2owirelessnow.com/mainControl.php?page=index


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