Here are we go yet again "rolls eyes", retailers selling games early ? Ok here is my issues alright, It dosen't bother me you have the game early. Or the fact you have the paitence of a "tsete fly". MY ISSUE tool is that you have to brag! About it.  The game in question is Bloodbourne , and some PS user with a stupid user name to boot:P rmchiva925 is posting "bragging pictures " as we speak. And not to mention , VG 24/ 7 is being click bait as usual lol! because they have to repory on it first as always.  And they're just as guilty, when it comes to yellow journalism as the rest of the so called gaming websites.  With very few exceptions.  And I also blame the retailers, because they're looking to make a quick buck, the idiot gamers that can't wait 1 whole week for the game lol!  But on the otherhand I respect gamers like myself ;]  that have the integerty to not want to resort to yellow journalism. Just to get a story, but also have the "brass balls" to report on others that do. And to YouTube , and reddit for removing deliberate spoilers and offending videos. And to retailers and real gaming journalist for respecting the review embargo and street date.


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