Got Hydrophobia?   Let's call, Dying Light what it should be  a "dead island ripoff!" without any of the fun.   You play as 31,  or Kyle Crane  voiced by the very talented Roger Craig Smith  who also  voiced Batman in Arkham City Origins:]     Parkour , based on military obsticle training in the real world"  Well you basically, get to pretend here when it actually works?   I never got the opertunity to play Mirror's Edge.  And that's both, good and bad because I had nothing to base it on.  IF I had to summon up Dying Light , it would be the original Dead Island with better graphics.   This game does nothing , fresh or new?   It's almost like Techland is trying to back at Deep Silver, for dropping them like "used tampons"   Everything is literary the same weapons, enemies all rip offs!  I will admit, I had a very mild amusing moment when I encounterd the undead in toxic waste suits.  See in order to properly  defeat them, you have to pop their oxygen tanks on their backs.  In doing so, results like letting air out a ballon.  The sputter around , and then they pop!  Look, if your looking for a way better zombie er I mean survival fps.  Wait for Dead Island 2, Zombie Army Triology or H1z1.
Bottom line, Dying Light is definitely one for the fanboys.  They are literary taking, Dying Light like the 2nd coming of Christ.  Oh how I wish, I was joking.


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