Let's be honest , before the Batman Arkham Knight Game got It's "M rating " I honestly didn't 2 shits about it. I'm already starting to get that , GOTY vibe already. It's also worth noting I picked Dragon Age Inquisition to be GOTY 2014;] And it was.  That new trailer with the Scarecrow voiced by John Nobel of Fringe and Sleepy Hallow fame.  Just happens to be voicing the Scarecrow;]   And if doesn't end up being GOTY 2015 ?  He'll definitely , get it for "voice actor" of 2015. Trey Parker, beat out the likes of Kevin Spacy, Nolan North and Troy Baker.   So here is the new trailer , enjoy:]  P.S. I literary got chills, down my spine watching it:]



05/25/2015 6:16am

My brother is a huge fun of the Batman series and he definitely wants to have the Batman Arkham Knight Game. Could you please tell more about this game?

05/25/2015 5:15pm

Thank you:] for your question. Do you have something specific , you wish to know ? Because their is so much to tell about this game. Well since you didn't ask a specific question, I will talk a bit more of this "steller voice cast"

Jonathan Banks ( Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul) as James Gordon ,Ashley Greene(The Twilight Saga) as Barbara Gordon ,John Noble (Sleepy Hallow , Fringe ) as Scarecrow and Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights, Heart of Dixie) as Nightwing. I don't know IF that answered your question or not? I'm sorry if I didn't , but if you asked a more specific question ? I might, be able to answer it.


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