I swear to the next clueless fucking asshole, that asks me about Elder Scrolls Online? I might just A.bitch slap or B. rip them a collective new one 
and to the clueless fucks online stop fucking asking and do you own god damn reading and reserch!  How fucking stupid, or clueless do you honestly have to be? It's all gaming, has  pretty been  much talking about since it was "officilaly announced" for June 9th 2015

Unless, your leagily blind or just a total fucktard!  All you have to do you fucking morons is do a a search and the use the following keywords "Elder Scrolls Online" pfft! like that was so fucking difficult to do "rolls eyes"   rant over.

So apparentily the devs from E.S.O did a Q&A on reddit today or at sometime I wasn't awhere of so with that here is a link. Enjoy:)    



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