When you get to be middle age like me;]  and you have been doing "this"  whole gaming thing before the Internet, Social Networking and YouTube.  I did "gaming" old school.  And you come to that point or decision?  As to how you keep things "intresting" or "fresh"  And you attempt to that, by "reiventing" yourself.   And that's what I reciently did this year.
BUT! when I do something , I do it "balls-out" or I tend to put MY unique spin on it;]  And this all came about, because of 2 things?  1. Facing my mortality 2. Believe it or not? An episode  of Southpark entitled "The Cissy".  So I became that, "TRUTH!"   In order to better explain and express "it"  without boring you to death:P    I will let Jack Nicolson explain ;]


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