I have very! Strong covictions when it comes to piracy or anything I'm extremely "die hard " passionate about? Marilyn Manson , Games, Fashion , Movies etc._. Now before I get to the "ripping part " of this post.  I will say that all for legally sharing of music , movies you name it?  I'm all for it, now all of us have recorded things with our VCR's back in the day.  I've done it, we all have done it. But then again I never, intended to sell it either because it was for  personal use.  This is also about how YouTube , is deliberately ignoring the copyright laws and it's sad and disgusting at the same time:[   I wish someone would shut down YouTube  for good period because it's become a complete and utter mockery of it's original  design.  YouTube is about one thing and that's the un ethical practice of monetizing videos.  That's the main reason I will have anything to do with YouTube , their are other good reasons? But that's the main reason.  If you don't know what monetizing is?  That's making money off of videos , where your being also being payed by companies to give  "glowing reviews " to products.  Basically you use, abuse and feed of these delusional people.  So my recent beef has to with piracy and Marilyn Mansons new album The Pale Emperor , allot  people will say where is the harm?  Say you personally, create an artistic form music ,gaming, comic etc. And you literary put your blood, sweat and tears into said project. And some nobody comes along and steals it and makes tons of fucking money. But you don't see a dime of that money ? Face it you would be pissed and you would want that nobody's head on a silver fucking platter.   But at the same time , you literary have no recourse except to take law into your own hands. Especially if you want any fucking justice , see the problem as I see it and it's probably a warped viewpoint:p  To quote Ra's Ah Ghul from  Batman Begins;]  We need the League of Shadows for real, to combat piracy and everything else wrong in the world:]


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