Reciently with my local Gamestop , I had went on official record that before and after they had announced the nominations for GOTY 2014 ? That I had predicted , it was going to Dragon Age Inquistion. In fact I had previously stated thus after the games release as well.
But as always the case may be? I get told lol!  Whatever.  See, as a rule when I meet people for the first time and I happen to know that they are gamers.  I  will let them know "straight up"  it's best not to question me when it comes to anything gaming. Because for the simple fact your going lose face every single time.  And it's just one of those unfortunate things you have to deal with being an expert in this case of gaming.  And your also to deal with people being "buthurt" , bruised egos and jelousy. And I am often met with the reaction, of people tend to chuckle at that.  But at the sametime, they have no sense of humor when it ends up coming true.   That's why I personaly hate and also offended by when I get told it's my opinion.   See "opinions" are often based on emotion and very rarely any fact what so ever.    Now in the past, I have given a few employees at my local Gamestop a "free pass"  on gaming ok.  But, their has always been "one" exception to that rule?   And that rule is not to challenge or even question my knowledge , because it's on lol!  I did put a call in to my local Gamestop the mortgage of this post,  And it was suppose to be in fun? But I don't feel that it was.  See allot times I go my local Gamestop , I will walk out of their pissed or annoyed?   Plus I have been on 1st name basis and friends with the management  for at least 7 years.   And I also consider a few of them friends as well:]  
So I really I hope they can take a joke?  And if they Can't , they will have to get over it.
[so this dedicated in fun to C,C,E  at my local Gamestop :]  so I guess we will have to play for some "bragging rights" next year?]  That is if your are afraid or chicken! Buk, buk, buk;]

So first a video dedicated to moi;]   Because for one brief moment I was the Champion of the world:]  

And this video is dedicated to my friends  C,C, & E of my local Gamestop ;]  so please  don't be butthurt:P



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