You call yourselfs "fans" but in truth your nothing more than wannabe fanboys who pathetically  prentend to be otherwise. Every single fucking year, I can remember being a fan of the WWF/WWE.  All YOU! ever do is fucking complain, wether it's wrestling or the games ? YOU bitch! and whine! Like a bunch of spoiled rotten kids.  And all  you do is go around  "trolling" on sites where you know that they will put up with you tired ass bullshit!And YouTube is that place. Well guess what FANBOYS?  I'm here to tell you, to literary SHUT THE FUCK UP OMG!   And yes! I'm being serious, I mean let's face you'll never stop acting like a "bunch of little bitches"   LoL! But your about to be my bitch!  
Let's clear the air right here and right now ok?  No Mercy 64 and HTCP were as in past tense really good games, BUT for love of god!  Will you stop! Going on and and on aboyt those two games. You sound like a broken fucking record with that shit.  And omg! How I want to fucking puke when I here that.   If these games are so fucking great , then fucking "marry them" or admit that you get so sexually turned on.  And would literary attempt to fuck  those games, IF you haven't already tried lol! And you wonder why real wrestling fans like myself. Depise the living shit out of you and your kind.  In fact, I find YOU! so fucking annoying.   That I personally would love to bust a steel chair over you head. For both poetic justice,and the fact you need some common sense literary beater in to you.  Because let's face YOU truly deserve it, for all wrestling fans you have pisseed of with your "the world revolves around me" attitude.  Also know as self-entitlement.     And you know what that makes you?  It's makes YOU a complete and utter piece of shit! And let's face it you don't deserve  to be ANYTHING! Except a piece of shit.   [In the next part I will focus in more detail, what these total pieces of shit! , are all about.]


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