Blagging is , the means to obtain something by using  persuasion or guile.

And I for one, find it pretty disgusting personally. And, I for one will have no part in it. 
Unfortunately you see allot of so called "gaming journalists" or independent website owners. Will condone this type of unethical behavior.  And it's unfortunate, to individuals like myself. Who are truly in it for the gaming and not the free stuff.  So because of that, gaming companies have more than likely become desensitized to it.   And that's just , another  needless frustration I have to deal with:[    And needs to stop period, so here is a list of suspected Blaggers?  Which , will be end up being true anways.
  • Angry Joe
  • 99.9 % of all YouTube users
  • 99.9 % of all legitimate Game Press Members



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