Yesterday a nobody and I do mean a nobody. A YouTube user that goes by the handle Brian 12Extreme  in a sad and pathetic attempt to boost his YouTube standing got ahold of WWE 2K early.  And deliberately spoiled, leaked WWE 2K15 game footage to his pathetic YouTube page just to boost his viewership.  Now while other respected gaming websites, waited  until after the midnight embargo like your suppose to do anyways. Brian12Extreme ,basiclly said "fuck" all copyright and trademark laws and posted those videos anyways.  Not to mention, that YouTube , WWE or 2K games took any sort of action period.  For the simple fact that the wannabe self-entitled fanboys wanted to see gameplay footage. On a personal note, I hope more footage from the next gen xbone and ps4 are leaked before November 18th 2014?   So it will spoil everyones anticipation for the game.  And double fuck you to every gaming website that participated, in helping Brian12Extreme break copyright laws.   And to encourage said behavior.    Brian12Extreme you are self-entitled wannabe fanboy, with a wannabe YouTube page.  I hope you rot in hell, you little shit.  You know he's not "extreme" because he has to tell people he's "extreme" LoL!

Perhaps , Brian should should change his name to EXCREMENT?  Because he's full of shit.


11/01/2014 11:55pm

Here's the problem. There is a habit or tradition in gaming to keep the finished product from being seen because in all honesty it is shovelware and it's hoped that a few sales are made before everyone knows how bad it is. WWE 2K15 is very much a example of this. There was no mention of the graphics and modes not being implemented in current gen. The fact half the game was taken out was hidden away was never mentioned. You have to read through the legal information to know that the servers will be closed early next year, making the idea of shared content pointless. A lot of fans are legitimately angry about this. They had been lied to, gone out expecting an excellent game but found one that had been gutted, almost designed to be as bad as possible. Why shouldn't fans be told about what a game is like before it is released?

11/02/2014 6:23pm

I totally agree, with what you are saying. For the record, I didn't know they were shutting down the servers. That's pretty shitty, IF you ask me. Question is who's really responsible the WWE, 2K or PlayStation ? Thanks for bringing this to light.

11/03/2014 2:26pm

I played the 360 version of W2K15 and I really Can't see the reason for all these complaints? Unless you played the Ps3 version, then I could see. But really not all that bad on the 360 version, considering it's probably the last one for last gen?
You said in current gen, you mean last gen right? No offense but, that should have a clue right there. And 2K did state and have continued stating through videos, that their focus was next gen.

You mentioned the servers were going to be closed early for next year? For the 360 & Ps3 versions right? Because it wouldn't make sense to shut the Ps4 and Xbone servers down?

I know you feel like you were lied too, but you could have attempted to rent the game first? IF you were so unsure? I will agree with you it's not worth buying at $60.00. Ign recommended , to just stick with 2K 14 in their review. Perhaps, that's what you should have done?

It's sounds like you have some "buyers remorse", but at the same time you made no attempt to rent the game or even to trust your instincts about 2K 15 at all. So who's really to blame here? You or 2K

I will take a closer look at the "legal information " about 2K closing down the servers early next year? As per your claim, even IF I have to read all that legal mumbo jumbo. Let me give you some advice for next time ok? And if you want to "hurt" a gaming company in the future, then simply don't buy that particular game. And next time you won't feel so butt hurt over a video game.


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