WHEN! I get tired , I get really stupid and punchy. And I tend to come up with some "real bizarre shit" in my thinking. So I present to YOU , some things you may or may have not thought about doing wasted bought copy if Destiny;)  And before you decide  piss you panties, and send me death threats and you psychotic comments fanboys. Remember a couple of things? In this case this post is all about being sarcasm, stupid and punchy fun and ME well being me.  
Remember how you love hidding, behind and pissing and defending your pathetic self behind the right of freedom of speech.  Well the same right, that annoys me to no end. I have those same rights , so no amount of trashing, or trolling and bitching and complaining that you will attempt to on here. Will NEVER make me second guess MY thoughts or opinion. So get over yourself! now ok. Not going to happen in a billion years? How ever I will mock and make fun of you lol! Troll aka fanboy;] 

  1. Buying some lube, and seeing IF you can literary shove that copy of Destiny up your ass?
  2. Have you ever noticed that round hole, in the center of a gaming disc? Like I tell those Skyrim, CoD , WWE, Madden, and Ass Creed fans on Twitter constantly. IF you love said game SO FUCKNG MUCH, either fuck it or marry it. At least you'll get your $60.00 worth.
  3. Take all of these bought copies of Destiny and burn in effegy on Bungie's front of their headquarters.
  4. Even though it's used as a cheap trolling tactic, but in this case I would suggest getting both your eyes checked and psychological exam wouldn't be out of the question
  5. Take your game disc and smash it with a hammer, and post online for lulz.
  6. Ever try skeet shooting ? No, well this would be a very good time to consider taking it up
  7. As a rule, I don't usally condone trolling BUT in this case. I trully urge you to make fun of the so called gamers for being both stupid and clueless for paying money to buy Destiny .
  8. Stand outside your local Walmart, and yell obcenities at people buying Destiny or least call them a dumbass;)
  9. Or you could protest ir throw rotten food at people. NO pumpkins or watermelons please
  10. Start yet another "pointless" online petition, to tell, ban Bungie that there game sucks!  Also see if Bungie, gives "two-shits" about your stupid petition.
  11. Do you say to yourself "I don't have enough drink coasters" because Destiny would make an excellent drink coaster.
  12. Got one of those DARN! wobbly un- even table legs? Well Destiny can fix that in a jiffy.  
  13. And speaking of places to burry, that copy Destiny? Why not you cat's litterbox lol!  Just make sure you bury deep enough. So, kitty  won't find it.
  14. Did I forget to mention that that copy of Destiny makes and excellent door stop.
  15. With X-mas just around the corner, and you don't what to buy for secret santa, annoying friend or reletave you just Can't stand. Well buying them Destiny, should send a very clear message that deep down inside you trully hate this person
  16. Say boys and girls! Have you ever played Frisbee, well Destiny would make and excellent one time frisbee.
  17. Speaking of X-mas and kids, do you want a sure way to let your kids that they have been bad this year. Well! forget about coal this year and put Destiny in their stockings this year.
  18. Worrying about, not "relating " to your kids? Well buying them Destiny will guarantee your kids will hate you completely and they will need years of very expensive therapy trying to "figure out" why their parents hated them for ruing X-mas or a birthday. By buying them Destiny.
  19. Hey! Just bought or pestered your parents to the point they wish they never had you.  Well a sure fire way to make that game system, blow up or crash right before your very eyes. Is to install Destiny and kiss that very expensive game system goodbye lol!
  20. But hey! Annihilation Gaming, your focusing on all the negatives about Destiny? How about some good things. Say you have a PC and you have lost your operating disc,well don't worry! Because installing Destiny on you PC will wipe out that "pesky" hardrive in no time flat.



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