Gamefly is literary a "shit service " and here's why? After getting screwed over for the "umpteenth" time by Gamelie.  I made them a solemn promise that next time they FAILED!  to deliver a game or movie? That I would go "Midevil" on their ass! So get comfy, and get read for a real SHIT STORM!
After recently finding out as of today, I was finally able to confirm what I personally always suspected about the Better Business Breau ? And that was they were dirty and on the take. In fact, this is what "clinched" it so to speak. And the source being 20/20 , I'm pretty sure it's legitimate http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/business-bureau-best-ratings-money-buy/story?id=12123843   
And here is a follow up article on this as well http://business.time.com/2013/03/19/why-the-better-business-bureau-should-give-itself-a-bad-grade/
Let's go back just a bit, about when it comes to MY personal history with Gamefly?I have been a current member going on 6 solid months, now I know what your probably thinking or what you might say about it only being 5-6 months of cotinuious membership? 



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