ZERO TOLLERANCE means ZERO TOLLERANCE !IF you choose to spam,harrass,troll,flame or cyberbully me? THIS will be the consequences to your actions.    You have been warned!

So recently I have had 2 deal w/troll , that goes by the name of dfag lol! I picked this LOSER up through Youtube and blocked/muted IT their. But then dfag started stalking me on my website. God what a pathetic "shit-bag" lol!  See the deal is that this asshole is a PUSSY because "IT" uses Vpn and proxy servers to troll ppl.  And that's what making dfag a real PUSSY , because "IT" hides behind those proxy servers. Dfag thinks that dfag's untouchable lol!  Face it dfag is both yellow and a pussy, because "IT" knows IF someone could track this fucktard down? Dfag would be a marked asshole , and it would be a matter of time that someone put a bullet in "it's" sorry ass. Oh well, at least justice would be served and there would be one less complete waste of space LOSER on this plannet. And 2 that I say good riddence to completE GUTTER TRASH like dfag. Now who's the fucktard ? Rolfmao:)  Crap! almost forgot to post dfag's  email address and make sure you dfag plenty of death wishes because "IT" truly deserves them:]
 dfag's email address

P.S  dfag is batshit insane , a total spelling nazi , and lastly a FANBOY. Meaning dfag truly wishes "IT" was a REAL gamer Lol!
 And IF your looking for a good laugh, I will be posting some of dfag's retarded nonsense. So feel frre to comment as this total losers expense:]  plus I will be giving full commentary on this assholes pointless comments.  It will be a "trollrific experience " and that's a guarantee or your $$$$$  back.  

Wait a tic!  I don't get payed for doing this because of 2 reasons  1. I'm a both a REAL and HARDORE gamer, so that makes ME personally better then your wannabe ass.  2. My diehard PASSION for gaming, I have had for the past 20 yrs. So yes, fanboys I truly no more about gaming then YOU? In fact , I could fit my entire gaming knowledge in either 1 of MY pinkies. That you couldn't do in your entire lifetime loser Lol ! And unlike YOU fanboy, I can totally back my shit up:]   Unlike you fanboy , when nothing but total and utter bullshit that comes out your ass er I mean mouth Lol !  Plus the FUCKER was from Canada, so IT was correct in saying, that it didn't matter IF I got the info correct. Now that, is truly some bat-shit-insane obssesed loser:[



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