You self entitled fanboy pieces of shit, Would you just shut the fuck up already ! Boo hoo Bungie betrayed me, I have been sucking their "metaphorical " cock so long I forgot why I became a gamer?  But thing is your not a REAL GAMER, however YOU are a pethetic fanboy. And not to mention the lowest lifeform on the planet to boot. What I find offensive is your constant need for self entitlement.  I would tell you to grow up and to get over yourself because it's pointless. But what get or don't understand is how you insult and make a mockery of us actual gamers.  And thing YOU don't care whom YOU step on , that get's in your way or the fact you absolutely ruin anything good.  But here is what is so fucked up? If someone  else attempts to threaten a game and let's be honest you wold fuck if humanly possible .  You would threaten their lives, you tell them to go kill themselves heaven forbid someone speaks against it. Like you actually made the fucking game somehow? Well guess what asshole, you didn't . So for love of god shut the hell up! Because all you end up doing is PISSING OFF real hardcore gamers like me. And your the ones that bring down the hate on yourselfs.   I wish you would all fuck off and die, because you would be doing gaming a favor. It really both frustrates me and pisses me off to know end, that nobody does anything about these fanboys because ever single game company knows "don't bite the that feeds you"  but it's really OK if these p.o.s fanboys ruin our fun a their expence. The thing I find most unsettling about all this is that every single game company, with very few exceptions? Abosoultily 100% encourage the negativity and some cases reward it:[   To all you DOUCHEBAG  fanboys out their that have been talking complete
shit about MY WEBSITE!  I say FUCK YOU and the horse you rode in on.  Face it uour a FANBOY and you suck , not to mention the constant state of DENIAL that YOU live in? But then you Would be a REAL gamer, then a piece of shit fanboy right. 
Of anyone else on this planet absolutely knows you can't ever reason with a FANBOY , unless you literary were to beat some common sense into them. With say a BASEBALL BAT or with any common solid object ;)  And the part is you don't have to really worry about "knocking their brains out LOL!   Simply for the fact, they didn't have any to begin with? LOL!   Because of this POINTLESS bullshit, I contacted Bungie directly and straight up told them, if these TURDS ruin my beta that they would be next to be put through THE MEAT GRINDER;)  I would like to think that I'm partly responsible for Bungie taking the time to speak up and out:]  SUCK IT! FANBOYS see YOU were talking complete shit!  Anytime a business takes time out their busy schedule means they do give a shit.


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