However, you are a pathetic piece of shit fanboy wannabe! And I hate YOUR fucking guts. The nerve for YOU even to THINK? Your'e in MY league is a joke and a complete and utter insult to me.   Normally I would suggest that someone literary beat you "brainlees" BUT you actually half to have brains in the first place.  I don't feel sorry for you one bit, I find you to be a waste of space however.   Sure your a gamer, IF that's a secret code for DUMBASS!   Do you really THINK? That your entitled to what I have earned.  What just because you THINK you have some stake in this, or you have a social networking account or you play the same type or genere YOUR suddenly the Guru of gaming? I think not.   However your'e annoying and you dilberatly ruin other peoples fun.  I wish, you would go away and never come back?  Just PRAY that I don't get the power to make you go away! Because your sad pathetic days and lives would be numbered . That and I would PERMINATLY ban you from all forms of gaming;) 


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