Yes it seems like an eternity in waiting not paitiently for beta that will never happen?Wer're taking less than 3 month's and change,  and I have to say FUCK! the goddamn PC players.   Why? because it appears that Zenimax is giving way more attention to the PC players?  Yes I know the game just launched on PC, "blah" "blah" "blah" not fucking caring! Again why? Because you already have YOUR game,and for us console players it's our time for our beta so kindly get the FUCK out of our way.  Let me point something to those completely clueless gamers out their OK? 
 According to Official Amazon and Gamestop websites respectfully, both have a release date at the end of June.  (Amazon ESO) PS4,X1 June 30th 2014. (Gamestop ESO)  PS4 /XB1 6-30-2014.  To this I say WTF? Zenimax how much longer are you going to piss us of and make us wait? Because come May I am no longer going to care with games like Amazing Spiderman 2, Bound by Flame and of course Watchdogs lol!  So tell me why I would stop playing the awesome games?  Just because you finally get you heads out your "collective asses" and decide to release it?  To that I say, FUCK YOU:)  Zenimax! 
UPDATE:  after some more reserch?  I found 2 "particular" dates that don't correspond with the June 30th 2014 release date?  According to the Best Buy website,they are quoted as "not yet announced and that goes for PS4 and x1. And the same goes for theTarget  official website, which has the PC version as the only one listed?  



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