I know everyone, especially the "fanboys" are so excited for the Witcher 3 next week? But they are going to be very! disappointed.

Now it has nothing to do with the fact, I have never been a huge fan of the Witcher games. I have played, the first 2 . And RPG's are my thing, that is my most favorite genre of games.  The thing is I just couldn't get into them.  But, I'm willing to still try the Witcher 3. But from the stuff, I have read which for the record doesn't effect whether I play it or not. So here is a summation of info I have gathered.

1. The Conan O'Brien Show Falsely Advertising the game, sure this nothing new to gamers? But none the less, this is quite surprising.    http://www.mweb.co.za/games/ViewNewsArticle/tabid/2549/Article/19539/On-falsely-advertising-The-Witcher-3-and-what-must-be-done.aspx

2. The early reviews, the fact this game is getting nothing but "perfect scores" period. Just look at metacritic  but it's only based on the PS4? http://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/the-witcher-3-wild-hunt

3. The very first review was not too favorable? http://canadianonlinegamers.com/2015/05/the-witcher-3-not-truly-open-world-according-to-early-review/

4. The Framerate issue,  the developers already said that their going to throw a "patch at it":( So truth is you'll never know? http://www.psu.com/news/26743/The-Witcher-3-PS4-frame-rate-questions-arise-following-first-review   

same for the xbone http://www.extremetech.com/gaming/205487-witcher-3-uses-dynamic-resolution-scaling-on-xbox-one-to-hit-1080p

5. The game is so "easy peasy" so IF your looking for a challenge you'll have to crank up the difficulty from the get go. http://www.vg247.com/2015/05/12/the-witcher-3-rewards-those-who-swallow-its-unpalatable-difficulty-curve/

6. The "hook" of this entire game was watch Geralts beard grow? http://www.destructoid.com/the-witcher-3-has-dynamic-beard-growth-292073.phtml

7. This game is not truly "open world" as promised?  Based on the first official review.http://canadianonlinegamers.com/2015/05/the-witcher-3-not-truly-open-world-according-to-early-review/

8.  This has to be, the most "truthful" review on the Witcher 3 so far? And withot  a single  doubt. And to that I say "well done" Gavin Green:]   http://venturebeat.com/2015/05/12/the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-is-a-bleakly-human-play-at-the-heart-of-a-dark-fantasy-review-in-progress/

9.  Don't download the new patch. http://www.gamenewshq.com/news/1762181

10.  Let's do the Korean language slam! http://kotaku.com/the-witcher-3-getting-slammed-over-korean-language-scre-1705443555

When you get to be middle age like me;]  and you have been doing "this"  whole gaming thing before the Internet, Social Networking and YouTube.  I did "gaming" old school.  And you come to that point or decision?  As to how you keep things "intresting" or "fresh"  And you attempt to that, by "reiventing" yourself.   And that's what I reciently did this year.
BUT! when I do something , I do it "balls-out" or I tend to put MY unique spin on it;]  And this all came about, because of 2 things?  1. Facing my mortality 2. Believe it or not? An episode  of Southpark entitled "The Cissy".  So I became that, "TRUTH!"   In order to better explain and express "it"  without boring you to death:P    I will let Jack Nicolson explain ;]
Blagging is , the means to obtain something by using  persuasion or guile.  http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/english/blag

And I for one, find it pretty disgusting personally. And, I for one will have no part in it. 
Unfortunately you see allot of so called "gaming journalists" or independent website owners. Will condone this type of unethical behavior.  And it's unfortunate, to individuals like myself. Who are truly in it for the gaming and not the free stuff.  So because of that, gaming companies have more than likely become desensitized to it.   And that's just , another  needless frustration I have to deal with:[    And needs to stop period, so here is a list of suspected Blaggers?  Which , will be end up being true anways.
  • Angry Joe
  • 99.9 % of all YouTube users
  • 99.9 % of all legitimate Game Press Members

Gamefly is literary a "shit service " and here's why? After getting screwed over for the "umpteenth" time by Gamelie.  I made them a solemn promise that next time they FAILED!  to deliver a game or movie? That I would go "Midevil" on their ass! So get comfy, and get read for a real SHIT STORM!
After recently finding out as of today, I was finally able to confirm what I personally always suspected about the Better Business Breau ? And that was they were dirty and on the take. In fact, this is what "clinched" it so to speak. And the source being 20/20 , I'm pretty sure it's legitimate http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/business-bureau-best-ratings-money-buy/story?id=12123843   
And here is a follow up article on this as well http://business.time.com/2013/03/19/why-the-better-business-bureau-should-give-itself-a-bad-grade/
Let's go back just a bit, about when it comes to MY personal history with Gamefly?I have been a current member going on 6 solid months, now I know what your probably thinking or what you might say about it only being 5-6 months of cotinuious membership? 


ZERO TOLLERANCE means ZERO TOLLERANCE !IF you choose to spam,harrass,troll,flame or cyberbully me? THIS will be the consequences to your actions.    You have been warned!

So recently I have had 2 deal w/troll , that goes by the name of dfag lol! I picked this LOSER up through Youtube and blocked/muted IT their. But then dfag started stalking me on my website. God what a pathetic "shit-bag" lol!  See the deal is that this asshole is a PUSSY because "IT" uses Vpn and proxy servers to troll ppl.  And that's what making dfag a real PUSSY , because "IT" hides behind those proxy servers. Dfag thinks that dfag's untouchable lol!  Face it dfag is both yellow and a pussy, because "IT" knows IF someone could track this fucktard down? Dfag would be a marked asshole , and it would be a matter of time that someone put a bullet in "it's" sorry ass. Oh well, at least justice would be served and there would be one less complete waste of space LOSER on this plannet. And 2 that I say good riddence to completE GUTTER TRASH like dfag. Now who's the fucktard ? Rolfmao:)  Crap! almost forgot to post dfag's  email address and make sure you dfag plenty of death wishes because "IT" truly deserves them:]
 dfag's email address Dgaf@dgaf.com

P.S  dfag is batshit insane , a total spelling nazi , and lastly a FANBOY. Meaning dfag truly wishes "IT" was a REAL gamer Lol!
 And IF your looking for a good laugh, I will be posting some of dfag's retarded nonsense. So feel frre to comment as this total losers expense:]  plus I will be giving full commentary on this assholes pointless comments.  It will be a "trollrific experience " and that's a guarantee or your $$$$$  back.  

Wait a tic!  I don't get payed for doing this because of 2 reasons  1. I'm a both a REAL and HARDORE gamer, so that makes ME personally better then your wannabe ass.  2. My diehard PASSION for gaming, I have had for the past 20 yrs. So yes, fanboys I truly no more about gaming then YOU? In fact , I could fit my entire gaming knowledge in either 1 of MY pinkies. That you couldn't do in your entire lifetime loser Lol ! And unlike YOU fanboy, I can totally back my shit up:]   Unlike you fanboy , when nothing but total and utter bullshit that comes out your ass er I mean mouth Lol !  Plus the FUCKER was from Canada, so IT was correct in saying, that it didn't matter IF I got the info correct. Now that, is truly some bat-shit-insane obssesed loser:[

You self entitled fanboy pieces of shit, Would you just shut the fuck up already ! Boo hoo Bungie betrayed me, I have been sucking their "metaphorical " cock so long I forgot why I became a gamer?  But thing is your not a REAL GAMER, however YOU are a pethetic fanboy. And not to mention the lowest lifeform on the planet to boot. What I find offensive is your constant need for self entitlement.  I would tell you to grow up and to get over yourself because it's pointless. But what get or don't understand is how you insult and make a mockery of us actual gamers.  And thing YOU don't care whom YOU step on , that get's in your way or the fact you absolutely ruin anything good.  But here is what is so fucked up? If someone  else attempts to threaten a game and let's be honest you wold fuck if humanly possible .  You would threaten their lives, you tell them to go kill themselves heaven forbid someone speaks against it. Like you actually made the fucking game somehow? Well guess what asshole, you didn't . So for love of god shut the hell up! Because all you end up doing is PISSING OFF real hardcore gamers like me. And your the ones that bring down the hate on yourselfs.   I wish you would all fuck off and die, because you would be doing gaming a favor. It really both frustrates me and pisses me off to know end, that nobody does anything about these fanboys because ever single game company knows "don't bite the that feeds you"  but it's really OK if these p.o.s fanboys ruin our fun a their expence. The thing I find most unsettling about all this is that every single game company, with very few exceptions? Abosoultily 100% encourage the negativity and some cases reward it:[   To all you DOUCHEBAG  fanboys out their that have been talking complete
shit about MY WEBSITE!  I say FUCK YOU and the horse you rode in on.  Face it uour a FANBOY and you suck , not to mention the constant state of DENIAL that YOU live in? But then you Would be a REAL gamer, then a piece of shit fanboy right. 
Of anyone else on this planet absolutely knows you can't ever reason with a FANBOY , unless you literary were to beat some common sense into them. With say a BASEBALL BAT or with any common solid object ;)  And the part is you don't have to really worry about "knocking their brains out LOL!   Simply for the fact, they didn't have any to begin with? LOL!   Because of this POINTLESS bullshit, I contacted Bungie directly and straight up told them, if these TURDS ruin my beta that they would be next to be put through THE MEAT GRINDER;)  I would like to think that I'm partly responsible for Bungie taking the time to speak up and out:]  SUCK IT! FANBOYS see YOU were talking complete shit!  Anytime a business takes time out their busy schedule means they do give a shit.   http://www.gamezone.com/news/2014/07/14/destiny-developer-we-don-t-hate-any-of-our-fans
However, you are a pathetic piece of shit fanboy wannabe! And I hate YOUR fucking guts. The nerve for YOU even to THINK? Your'e in MY league is a joke and a complete and utter insult to me.   Normally I would suggest that someone literary beat you "brainlees" BUT you actually half to have brains in the first place.  I don't feel sorry for you one bit, I find you to be a waste of space however.   Sure your a gamer, IF that's a secret code for DUMBASS!   Do you really THINK? That your entitled to what I have earned.  What just because you THINK you have some stake in this, or you have a social networking account or you play the same type or genere YOUR suddenly the Guru of gaming? I think not.   However your'e annoying and you dilberatly ruin other peoples fun.  I wish, you would go away and never come back?  Just PRAY that I don't get the power to make you go away! Because your sad pathetic days and lives would be numbered . That and I would PERMINATLY ban you from all forms of gaming;) 
Yes it seems like an eternity in waiting not paitiently for beta that will never happen?Wer're taking less than 3 month's and change,  and I have to say FUCK! the goddamn PC players.   Why? because it appears that Zenimax is giving way more attention to the PC players?  Yes I know the game just launched on PC, "blah" "blah" "blah" not fucking caring! Again why? Because you already have YOUR game,and for us console players it's our time for our beta so kindly get the FUCK out of our way.  Let me point something to those completely clueless gamers out their OK? 
 According to Official Amazon and Gamestop websites respectfully, both have a release date at the end of June.  (Amazon ESO) PS4,X1 June 30th 2014. (Gamestop ESO)  PS4 /XB1 6-30-2014.  To this I say WTF? Zenimax how much longer are you going to piss us of and make us wait? Because come May I am no longer going to care with games like Amazing Spiderman 2, Bound by Flame and of course Watchdogs lol!  So tell me why I would stop playing the awesome games?  Just because you finally get you heads out your "collective asses" and decide to release it?  To that I say, FUCK YOU:)  Zenimax! 
UPDATE:  after some more reserch?  I found 2 "particular" dates that don't correspond with the June 30th 2014 release date?  According to the Best Buy website,they are quoted as "not yet announced and that goes for PS4 and x1. And the same goes for theTarget  official website, which has the PC version as the only one listed?