launching on iOS on June 29th, Swing King and the Temple of Bling is a one-tap action puzzle game for iOS. Playing as a Mumbles the monkey, your goal is to unravel the secrets of ancient temples and collect hidden treasures.
There are days , I'm glad to have an M rated site and these are one of those days:) For those haven't yet watched Blood Drive 
yet, what is wrong with you, seriously? This show is based on the Grindhouse movies back in the day. They often contained gratuitous violence, sex  etc.. You name it lol! And this show doesn't disappoint:) "This show is AWESOME! it's like IF Mad Max, Death Race 2000 the original one from the 70's and throw some Twisted Metal as well. And top it of with some Marilyn Manson. You have Blood Drive;) I'm surprised this show isn't rated X? But it's damn close to it."


Minor Spoilers Ahead! 

Now a YouTube user by the name of LOSTyGIRL has gone and uploaded the funniest clash interactions and quotes from the game. Some are genuinely funny (when Flash is asked if he’s familiar with the laws of physics, he cops to breaking them all, so yeah, he’s familiar). And then, some are just lame, like Green Arrow telling Dr. Fate he needs to get laid. They weren’t even trying with that one.
The original Batman aka Adam West, has passed away at the age of 88. Due to his "brief" battle with Leukemia:( So I have decided to post some video's and some articles.  And I will be posting my fond memories with Adam west:)  

Adam West, Batman to a generation of TV fans, passed away last week. One of his final roles was a fittingly comic guest role on NBC's Powerless in an episode which never made it to air. DC All Access is proud to present this episode in its entirety for a limited time as a tribute to West and his DC legacy.

Can't forget the 1966 Batman Movie;) 

Can't forget what started it all, the 1966 TV show:) 

My favorite episode's involved, Frank Gorshin  as the Riddler;) 
But you couldn't forget, Cesar Romero as the Joker;) And that "wild mustache" of his.
Let's also not forget that, this show also gave birth to Batgirl Yovnne Craig:) 

And speaking of Burgess Meredith aka the Penguin. He has the most appearances on the TV show in it's 3 year run. In fact the writers, would often have a script ready. Just in case Burgess was in town.