My pick for RPG of the year , has to go to Dark Souls 3. Considering this is the 3rd Dark Souls game and possibly the last one. for at least a while? I personally think that this game hit on all cylinders and here is a reminder why? 
And this one is for shit's and giggles;) 
Well as 2016 comes to and end and we need to look towards next year for what's to watch in gaming in 2017? Over the next couple of weeks , in between of me trying to finish up my Darkisiders Review lol! I will be counting down MY gaming picks of 2016 and I will be talking about what I am looking forward to play in 2017:) But not any particular order. Peace! 
Here is an up coming game to watch:) After AOC was cancelled for the 360, we will finally get a Conan MMO console version:) 
For my buddy Nick, that hated Suicide Squad. Enjoy:) 
Stay tuned for my, 1st official rant/review for Xbox One Darksider's Warmastered Edition:) I will post a few video's in the meantime to wet your appetite.