the absolutly  only "positive" thing about this game is the top notch voice acting with notables like Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Adam Baldwin, and Susan Eisenberg, Gina Torres , Dwight Schultz,  Wil  Wheaton, Michelle Forbes, James Marsters,Arleen Sorkin, Corey Burton  and the list goes on.

The rest of his game is pure and utter shit! oh my God where do I even begin? Let's begin at the beginning it all started in the year 2008 , with the  an promise from the developement team  not to make this like any other MMO that we have ever played? And it  ultimately fucking failed! And it all started with the beta, which was to be from December 14,2010 to January 5th 2011. It should also be noted that when it "closed" their were several technical issues that were resolved with the release. It also should be noted, this was my 1st official beta test of game. The beta sign up was a "cluster fuck " with in it's self. Plus I actually paid the $60.00 for this p.o.s ! So take that! You self-entitled losers! 

I can't mention this "shit game" without mentioning Jens Anderson the creative director of DCUO. I know he's awfully proud of DCUO, but I hell I wouldn't be.  Personally, he should quit his day job and find something else? Because he sucks at making games. I used to respect him at one time? But he lost all fucking credibility, as gamer and a comic-book designer with DCUO. After playing DCUO , you can see why the New 52 sucked so bad lol! In fact I can't look at anything DC related,without thinking about this "turd" of game. I think what bothered me so much is that every single game reviewer "loved" DCUO?  Of course they also lost credibility too. You look at these complete an utter losers that still play DCUO, and you think to yourself wtf? This game is so basic and fucking "generic" it's not even fucking funny. There are two cities in this entire game Gotham and Metropolis, and that's not even counting the dlc. "smh" Now the fanboys will argue to death that DCUO is not dead. Well they're are completely delusional . Granted it's generating money, but that's all it's doing. I remember one time on Facebook, their was the dude that was so excited to play DCUO? And he downloaded it, and played for about I'm guessing 20 minuets, and came back and said "hell no!" and quit.  He is one of the smart ones. Unfortunately that's not always the case with DCUO , one the most important parts of an MMO, Is the "online" or Social part of an mmo. And DCUO had none, unless you count the complete and utter "toxic" behavior displayed there. I'm talking "zero" moderation and other's have claimed in the past to be moderators? But they're just paid volunteers, and they're just as corrupted as the game it's self.   Never since Myspace have I ever seen such a display of negative behavior. Everything to hate crimes to sexual harassment, DCUO has you completely covered. Just Wow! thankfully I am fully desensitized to this. But other's are not fortunate. let's put it this way I wouldn't worse this game on my worse enemy. Because that would be down right, cruel. Now let's talk about the typical DCUO player "smh" can you say "cult member" I am not fucking kidding about that either.  These gamers IF asked? would literately lay their lives down for DCUO. They are beyond fanboys and they even border on "batshit insane" and Daybreak games couldn't be happier about that. See IF they kicked out the "trash" in the game, their would literately be no one left to play DCUO. Because if their was any one decent left in DCUO they either quit, Or they were deliberately run out by the self entitled crowd a long time ago:( Which is truly sad, when you you think about it.  This game is there entire lives and there only social out put.  You would would have to be , a masochist to want to play DCUO. To give you an example of what this crowd is like, it's like the end of Star Wars episode III. Where Darth Vader let's out that NOOOOOOO!  it's that same reaction every single time when the game goes down for pretty much anything.  For most, it's a sick fucking obsession. I wish! I was exaggerating  but I am not. I have seen it first hand :( Just look on the official forums or their Facebook or Twitter page sometime? It's truly sad. 


Now again personally , I always felt that DCUO should be on the list of the worse games in history. Right along with, E.T. the video game, Superman64 and Aquaman 64. And I also wonder why this game never got hacked or attacked? Then I found out "two things" in order for a game to be on the list of the worse games in history , it had to be have given bad reviews. And second, the "hackers" were the ones playing DCUO. 

I will try to include some actual game play from DCUO? So you can see first hand the carnage that is DCUO.

So what's the TRUTH here? This game is garbage! In fact it should be buried in a toxic waste dump. It literately boggles my fucking mind, how this p.o.s game ever got made? Who fucked whom? this "game" is a complete and utter cancer on anything gaming or the DC universe. It absolutely offends me as a Hardcore Gamer:(  This game is so fucking retarded! and should be called either "Defective Crap Universe Online" Or DC Cult Offline" This is definitively for the Super fanboys out their. And any fucking "sane" person should avoid this game like the fucking plague. IF I actually did "numerical scores" or Grades or even a "star system" I would give a 0 out of 10 , and F - and just a "point" on a star. So, rest in pieces DC Universe Online. REST IN PIECES!!!

P.S.  In my recent rant about DCUO, I forgot to mention CR or "combat rating" First DCUO was a "pissing contest" and CR made a full on "dick measuring contest" see CR was "intended" to be used for certain content OK?  BUT!!! you know how thing's become so "toxifed" so quickly. And DCUO was not above that either. Basically. the trolls used it as way to bully, intimidate, or otherwise harass other players. Let tell you something I have been playing DCUO since 2011, and all the CR, SP and Gear? Don't mean Dick! if you can't even play DCUO properly. I find it so fucking laughable when I come across a LvL 30 player and CR way over 100. And you still have on your fucking PVP indicators  on."talk about telegraphing a punch" Derp! Or the fact you can't block or block break or interrupt an attack!  You stupid clueless, fuck. LoL. You know at one point I actually read they being DCUO,SOE and now Daybreak Games. Were considering in adding "leader -boards?!  " Fuck! game over:( So let's re-cap shall we, 1st nail in the "DCUO coffin" this game went f2p in 6 months or less. LoL! fuck, they could have just made this f2p to begin with and have the premier at Gamefly. The 2nd nail in the "DCUO coffin" was the introduction and immediate failure of CR. I'm just waiting for the "final 3rd nail" in the DCUO coffin?  OK, rant over for now;) 

When I tell people that I am a part of the "Gaming Press" they often remark "cool" or that would be awesome to be a part of that? BUT! there is a "dark side" that most don't know and don't want to know? Because let's be honest here, most couldn't handle the TRUTH! 
So from time to time, I will check on what other press members are talking about and I came across this "trolling post"  I would link it but, you couldn't read it IF you wanted too. So I will give you the gist of the post here. And these are the people YOU trust to review YOUR video games. "smh" and "rolls eyes";) 

What's your stance on profanity in articles/reviews?by GameSpew » Fri Nov 13, 2015 4:53 pm


Just curious as to everyone's opinion on this - what's your view on swearing in reviews and articles? Do you do it? Do your writers do it? Do you allow it or edit them out? What's your reasoning?

and here are the responses 

Re: What's your stance on profanity in articles/reviews?by Gamingwithdad » Fri Nov 13, 2015 5:32 pm

We do not allow it and I make sure our editor removes it from any articles he gets and it prompts a conversation with the writer and I. There are plenty of ways to effectively articulate your views with out having to use profanity. You wont find any professional news outlet that uses profanity in their reports and stories so why would you want to lower your standards?

Re: What's your stance on profanity in articles/reviews?by derkasan » Fri Nov 13, 2015 11:43 pm

I agree with you 100%. I think it's crazy when sites do something like this:
http://kotaku.com/jesus-fucking-christ- ... 1742230329

Re: What's your stance on profanity in articles/reviews?by Gamingwithdad » Sat Nov 14, 2015 1:25 am

derkasan wrote:I agree with you 100%. I think it's crazy when sites do something like this:
http://kotaku.com/jesus-fucking-christ- ... 1742230329

That post totally boggles my mind. We are a new and smaller publication and I would not want to alienate my readers because I am so excited for something that I have to blurt out profanities to get my point across.

e: What's your stance on profanity in articles/reviews?by tslade » Mon Nov 16, 2015 5:20 am

Same here - we don't allow it and I edit it out of posts if a writer uses it. I'm all for freedom in writing, but I think profanity makes you look childish to be honest.
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Re: What's your stance on profanity in articles/reviews?by Greg Micek » Mon Nov 16, 2015 6:59 am

derkasan wrote:I agree with you 100%. I think it's crazy when sites do something like this:
http://kotaku.com/jesus-fucking-christ- ... 1742230329

Two things with that Kotaku piece. One is that i'm retty sure the original article title (as seen in the URL) was changed at some point, which is funny. The other is that Kotaku is a gawker site, and Jezebel, Gawker, and Deadspin all love cussing in their articles, including in their article titles.

We don't really have a specific policy against it, but the few times I've had people start getting crazy I put them in check and let them know that we may not be the right place for them. As was mentioned before, there are other ways to make a point.

Re: What's your stance on profanity in articles/reviews?by gUMBLE » Mon Nov 16, 2015 6:23 pm

There is a proper way to use profanity but it shouldn't be the focal point of the sentence as in the aforementioned Kotaku headline. I advise new writers to avoid using profanity because they typically employ it for effect rather than emphasis, and it detracts from the statements meaning. I don't expect writers to be Bukowski but the sentence should be begging for a curse. Articulating your views without resorting to cursing is preferred in most cases, but sometimes a subtle swear solidifies a point.

Re: What's your stance on profanity in articles/reviews?by DigThatBox » Tue Nov 17, 2015 4:58 am

I don't care for it. Using profanity in a review does not seem professional.

Only place I allow "light" profanity is in our opinion pieces. No F-bombs or anything like that. But more exclamatory words like BS just add a little flavor to your writing sometimes, I think.

Re: What's your stance on profanity in articles/reviews?by CW-Games » Tue Nov 24, 2015 10:50 am

I'm more on the humour side of life, but a lot of people don't understand how to be funny without being blunt.
Like I did here: http://www.ultimatepisman.org/index.php?mode=post&id=17
I use the same kind of language to my game dev partners at Nintendo, they seem to appreciate that really well too.
So there isn't really anything wrong using non-professional language.

If you can speak Dutch, you'll understand the following thing:
I do want to try writing in the same style as the news website "Geen Stijl": http://www.geenstijl.nl
Each time I read rather serious topics on their website, I can't help but laugh really hard while reading.
Admitted, some of the topics aren't meant to be laughed at, but it would definitely be less sensitive if it would be about games (like GameKings does, yet another Dutch website/show: http://www.gamekings.nl/).

Here is my response, to this bullshit! 

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Granted this isn't the smartest thing I have ever done. But then again, when ever have I made the "smartest" choice;) I have attempted to sign up for the Capcom PR website, at least 2 or more times. Now since I don't make a single dime from this website. It's about using assets, without having to pay for them. Now there is the issue that gets stuck up in my craw!  
This is what is says officially in the email, I received from them "Thank you for requesting a login for the Capcom Entertainment Press Center. We are afraid that we cannot give you access to the site at this time. You may not have provided sufficient information, so in that event, please feel free to re-apply with complete information. If your site is not evaluation ready (under construction, not yet launched, have not updated recently, etc.) please note that we may not be able to approve you at this time. Please feel free to reapply at a later time. "

Now it should noted that Capcom hasn't  updated their own personal website since September 15th, 2015? And it's now November 20th 2015. 
And If  you look back at the e-mail one of their criteria says and I quote "have not updated id recently" now only personally I cannot stand people that are hypocrites or have double standards. To me this seems like a double standard!  so I guess from now on I'll just have to pay for their assets to use them on my website. Granted I may not have the ability or time, because I'm just one person working on this website. And I bust my "balls" trying my best to update it as well. But I absolutely hate! double-standards. 
Here are the listed games for the website 
MotoGP 09/10 PS3, X360 TBAUmbrella Corps PC, PS4 2016Mega Man Legacy Collection 3DS 23/02/2016Street Fighter V PC, PS4 16/02/2016Darkstalkers Resurrection PC Jan 2016Resident Evil Origins Collection PS4 January 19, 2016Mega Man Legacy Collection 

and that's all too be released. It's a shame really:( I remember back in the 80's when Capcom was a "powerhouse" of gaming. So, I guess I won't be covering any Capcom games on Annihilation Gaming anytime soon? P.S. I will not be putting your RSS feed on my website anytime either.  So shame on you! Capcom PR. 

So they officially announced the VGA's 2015, recently and  I'm definitely excited for that. Absolutely agree with the nominations this year, but I'm glad that they don't let the general public vote on these things anymore because that's the obvious they would pick the most stupidest choices out there and it would end up being Witcher 3 for every category out their:( 
It would definitely end up like the episode of Simpsons, where they have a film festival. And basically it was a crossover with the other TV show The Critic, and I remember the show episode where Marge didn't want Homer on the jury because she knew he would pick the dumbest choice out there. And after looking at the YouTube page, you can definitely see why this is this is a bad idea! So again I'm really glad they're not letting the general public vote on the important game categories of 2015. Annihilation gaming

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AO4bELTs0p0
This game is also up for best shooter 2015, and I haven't played it yet? But I think it should still win. And here's why.

Here are a few videos of Just cause 3, enjoy:)