Yesterday a nobody and I do mean a nobody. A YouTube user that goes by the handle Brian 12Extreme  in a sad and pathetic attempt to boost his YouTube standing got ahold of WWE 2K early.  And deliberately spoiled, leaked WWE 2K15 game footage to his pathetic YouTube page just to boost his viewership.  Now while other respected gaming websites, waited  until after the midnight embargo like your suppose to do anyways. Brian12Extreme ,basiclly said "fuck" all copyright and trademark laws and posted those videos anyways.  Not to mention, that YouTube , WWE or 2K games took any sort of action period.  For the simple fact that the wannabe self-entitled fanboys wanted to see gameplay footage. On a personal note, I hope more footage from the next gen xbone and ps4 are leaked before November 18th 2014?   So it will spoil everyones anticipation for the game.  And double fuck you to every gaming website that participated, in helping Brian12Extreme break copyright laws.   And to encourage said behavior.    Brian12Extreme you are self-entitled wannabe fanboy, with a wannabe YouTube page.  I hope you rot in hell, you little shit.  You know he's not "extreme" because he has to tell people he's "extreme" LoL!

Perhaps , Brian should should change his name to EXCREMENT?  Because he's full of shit.