There's also a career mode accelerator and instant access to unlockable content.
2K Games announced a couple of days ago that the upcoming table-smashing sim WWE 2K18 will be released for the PC on the same day that it comes out for consoles—a first for the series. It also made mention of the Deluxe Edition of the game, which includes a few bonus rasslers—RVD, the Beast, and a couple of alt-Cenas—and the season pass, details of which weren't available but would be announced "soon." Which, as it turns out, means "today." 

The pass will include the Enduring Icons Pack, with the Hardy Boyz, Beth Phoenix, and The Rock 'n' Roll Express; the New Moves Pack, which adds new in-game moves including the Tie Breaker, the Crash Landing, the Swinging Sleeper Slam, and the Pumphandle Death Valley Driver (here's a video, in case you don't believe that's an Actual Thing); the NXT Generation Pack, with Aleister Black, Drew McIntyre, Elias, Lars Sullivan, and Ruby Riot; a MyPlayer Kick Start, which will provide "access to unlock and boost MyPlayer ratings and attributes made available at launch as part of the game’s MyCareer mode"; and an Accelerator that provides immediate access to all unlockable content (excluding DLC) at launch.   

The season pass will go for $30. and the contents will also be available for purchase separately: 

  • Enduring Icons: $10
  • New Moves: $4
  • NXT Generation: $10
  • MyPlayer Kick Start: $10
  • Accelerator: $5
WWE 2K18 comes out on October 17. And now, here's a clip of the Rock 'n' Roll Express arriving at Matt Hardy's house for Apocalypto. Because rasslin.


WWE 2K18 has a talented advocate in Snoop Dogg in the latest teaser for the video game in which Snoop busts a rhyme about the mythos of the WWE.

The intense spot 90 second called ‘Anthem’ was created by BarrettSF to promote the latest annual iteration of the wrestling video game before its release on 17 October. It shares so much information about the WWE franchise that fans who haven't tuned into the show in years could feasibly jump straight into WWE 2K18 with a working knowledge of the game.

Snoop Dogg, a long-time fan of the show, who’s appeared at live recordings numerous times to create controversy, headlines the latest work in an extensive campaign driving awareness about the game’s release.

“Being a WWE Superstar is all about creating a memorable character that stands out,” said Todd Eisner, creative director at barrettSF. “WWE 2K18 is the only place where those characters are yours to control.”

Delightful news for professional wrestling fans today, as it was announced that Matt and Jeff Hardy will be DLC for WWE 2K18. The reborn brothers will be available as an individual pack, or as part of either the Deluxe Edition or the wrestling game’s season pass.

Matt Hardy made the announcement about the WWE 2K18 Hardy Boyz DLC via his Twitter account:

Players will have to be careful after downloading Matt and Jeff Hardy, as they wouldn’t want to delete them!

This news comes after the developers detailed the new WWE 2K18 story mode (full details at the link) for the game:

In WWE 2K18, we wanted MyCAREER to focus on a strong story narrative. We felt the addition of backstage could afford us some cool new ways to experience a day in the life of a WWE Superstar. For us to accomplish this, we needed to develop unique and compelling storylines that are no longer shared from Universe Mode so the journeys that MyPLAYERs go through are unique and fresh.

This year, you’ll have two very different paths you can take en route to your own WrestleMania moment (note: you will be able to play past that WrestleMania moment; your story won’t end there).

It was also recently confirmed that The Rock would be the soundtrack’s executive producer:

2K has announced that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be the WWE 2K18 Executive Producer. The actor and professional wrestler will curate the game’s 11-song soundtrack, which is currently streaming on Apple Music. Highlights include Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead,” Boston’s “Smokin’,” and “Boyz-N-The-Hood” by Eazy-E.

Darkestville Castle is an adventure with a deep story, challenging puzzles, gallows humor and gameplay similar to the Monkey Island series. All these ingredients combined create the captivating atmosphere which is going to blow you away!

Key Features:
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Darkestville Castle background:
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