The Austrian Oak also talks his favorite wrestlers, a Conan sequel and more.

BY IGN MOVIES We recently chatted with Arnold Schwarzenegger about reprising his role as the T-800 model Terminator in WWE 2K16.

Schwarzenegger will represent two playable T-800s - one from the original 1984 film, and another from 1991's Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Both will be available exclusively to those who pre-order WWE 2K16 from retailers such as Gamestop, Amazon, or any other major retailer accepting pre-orders.

Here's what the superstar, former California governor, and future Celebrity Apprentice host had to tell us not only about WWE 2K16, but also some of his long-in-development movie sequels:

IGN: What would your wrestling name have been if you went to the WWE? Would you have wanted to be a good guy or a villain? Which have you enjoyed more in film?

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Maybe the Austrian Oak, which is what people called me in bodybuilding. I think I would have been a good guy, not a heel. But I’ve loved playing both - I’m the only person on both the “Best Villains” and “Best Heroes” list as Terminator.

IGN: Which other characters of yours would you like to see in WWE?

Schwarzenegger: Not mine, but a character I have fought: the Predator. Can you imagine the Predator jumping into the ring?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Crashes WWE 2K16 - IGN News01:02

IGN: What would the ultimate Arnold WWE face-off be? Terminator vs. Conan? Who vs. who?

Schwarzenegger: Terminator versus anyone isn’t a fair battle, because it isn’t easy to fight a machine. But I like the idea of Terminator vs. Conan. A machine versus a barbarian might be as close to a fair fight as you can get. And it would be fun to see Conan swinging his sword at the Terminator and the metal on metal crashes.

IGN: Who is your favorite wrestler of all time?

Schwarzenegger: I love them all, The Rock, Stone Cold, but I really identify with Bruno Sammartino. He is a fellow immigrant, and he is truly a legend. He sold out Madison Square Garden 187 times! And he is so powerful. I remember the first time I saw him picking up someone over his head. Imagine the power. And he is the sweetest, most inspirational guy.

IGN: In your prime, who is stronger between you and WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar?

Schwarzenegger: I’ve stood next to Brock. He is a monster. I am not sure I would want to ever compete in a lifting tournament with someone that big.

IGN: Who would win in an actual bar brawl: You or Dean Ambrose?

Schwarzenegger: Dean did a great job as an actor in that scene, but let’s be clear – he doesn’t have a chance against the Terminator.

IGN: What is it about your many roles that has audiences wanting to see them again and again? We’ve also had returns to the Predator and Total Recall universes in recent years.

Schwarzenegger: I think the characters connect with people, and I’m so honored they want to see them again. People love the humor mixed in with the strength. It humanizes the action hero, which I think is so important.

IGN: Is The Legend of Conan moving forward? What is the appeal of playing that legendary character once more?

Schwarzenegger: I’ve seen a script I really like, and every time I see fans, they demand a new Conan. The role means so much to me and I would love to do it again.

IGN: We’ve been hearing about Triplets for a long time and now the possibility that Eddie Murphy would play the third brother has come up. Where are you on that project and what would Eddie bring to the dynamic you have with Danny DeVito?

Schwarzenegger: Eddie is hilarious. We’ve met about it several times, and I think we all want to do it, but some things take time to get off the ground.

IGN: We also enjoyed your smaller scale zombie drama Maggie this year. Will we be seeing more of that kind of dramatic film from you in the future?

Schwarzenegger: I really enjoyed challenging myself with that role. I have always loved a challenge - stay hungry! I think it’s safe to say you’ll see more of that.

Source: IGN

Guess who's officially in WWE 2K16 soundtrack bitches;] A question still remains , will I be able to use in my CAW ? IF so , I will be one "happy camper":)
Welcome to the Wasteland!

First Trailer for Wasteland 2: Director's Cut

Deep Silver and inXile publish today the first trailer for Wasteland 2: Director's Cut.The new video "Welcome To The Wasteland" presents the story and conveys the gloomy atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic role-playing game. With improved graphics, new voices, gameplay enhancements and new features inXile brings the PC game now on current gen consoles. Wasteland 2 combines an extensive reactive history, tactical turn-based combat and classic RPG elements with modern design Philosopien.    Wasteland 2 Director's Cut for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is in America, and on October 16, October 13, in the world digitally and as a Box trade appear.  
I found this video via Youtube :) It's impersonation and very well done:) It's Sir Mix Allot's "Baby Got Back" 


Her name is Denise, and she's Kermit the Frog's new "girlfriend" on the Muppets. And the fan-douches and feminenazis  are pissed! OK let me point something out to you cluess fucking masses out their? She's a "puppet" OK technically a "muppet" but for all intense purposes she's not REAL! OK? she is an "inanimate object" she is made of "felt" and not "flesh and blood" {Rolls Eyes}  
Look I grew up with the Muppets, and I gotta tell you this is nothing new? Back in 1975 "the muppets" were on SNL , and they did a series of sketches called the Land of Gorch.  And it was definitively racy, and dark and with "adult undertones" 
{Here is part of the description of the show from the Mupppet Wiki page,
The Land of Gorch was a recurring sketch on the first season of Saturday Night LiveLorne Michaels, executive producer of the show, stated in a Tomorrow Show interview prior to the series' premiere that these sketches would feature a whole new group of adult Muppets "who can stay up late."

The Land of Gorch is a swampy alien landscape ruled by the blustering, oafish King Ploobis, who ignores his shrewish wife, Queen Peuta, in favor of his lovely female servant Vazh. Ploobis' right hand creature is the toadyScred, who cravenly sucks up to the king while carrying on a discreet love affair with Peuta. Ploobis' son, Wisss, is a dropout "crater-head", who sucks intoxicating gases from holes in the ground. The ultimate authority in Gorch is the Mighty Favog, who offers wisdom in exchange for regular sacrifices.}  
Now Jim Henson was apparently a "womanizer" so as guy I get it:) And in this "bit" there was Vahz, which was  King Ploobis's "lovely female servant" seen here. And I would say a good majority of the "Muppet" performers are men? Look people it's called "Human Nature" and personally I find all this just plain stupid!  The problem is with these feminazi's is well to put it bluntly need to "get laid" and they're mad because they're not the one's being "objectified" {rolls eyes} This reminds me of episode of American Dad episode entitled Dr. Klaustus. where he tell's Haley that "being a hippie is not sexy" and to take a shower once in a while:) 
And let's talk about Miss Piggy for a moment, shall we?  She's not exactly "innocent" in all of this too. Let's be REAL! she has a very bad temper, and is egotistical and has a "zero"  sense of humor when it comes to "pig humor" so it basically boils down to shall we say domestic abuse. Or would that be spousal abuse. Because IF you remember they got married at the end of Muppet's take Manhattan.  It should be "noted" that in the recent Muppet Movie's it was never mentioned again? 

Sources:  http://www.nationalreview.com/article/423437/kermit-the-frog-new-girlfriend-denise-thin-miss-piggy 


"I'm offended that your offended " 
Hey! feminenazis get over yourself already:(