Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – All Codes and Passwords

True hackers come prepared with cheat sheets.

Hacking is one way to crack doors and terminals wide open in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Knowing access codes is another, and much more efficient. Our guide lists access codes according to location. You can read through it from beginning to end, or search for the name of the location where you're stuck.

One more thing: Mankind Divided is littered with hundreds of terminals and computers. As such, we'll mark this guide a work in progress and add new codes as we find them.


Rooftop Level 2 - Storage Room, code 4801

Penthouse 1B - Atrium Door, code 0682


33 Hlavni Apartments:

Mini-Storage, code 4227

Mini-Storage, code 2913

Apartment 201, code 6864

Allison Complex:

4rth Floor, code 0011


Cellar Door, code 5622

Dvali Restricted Zone [South Map]:

Locked Door, code 0311

Government Registration Office:

Computer, password Samithedog

Terminal, code 6788

Konycky & Hracky:

Alley Safe, code 2489

L.I.M.B. Clinic:

Locked Door, code 4464

Helipad Area:

Locked Door, code 4465

Palisade Property Bank:

Evan Prybil Security, code 0310

VIP Vault (Room B, Row 06), code 5545

Account [Checking Out the Men in Charge], code 1363

Palisade Sewer:

Level 3 Terminal, code 1363

Level 4 Safe, code 4863

Palisade Station:

Mini-Storage, code 2565

Level 3 Room, code 0666

Poor Apartments (Adam’s Apartment Building):

Apartment 22, code 0310

Svobody Beer Hub

Cellar Door, code 1015

Tech Noir:

Storage, code 2469

Time Machine:

Alley Mini-Storage, code 1984

Toy Factory [Restricted Zone]:

Mini-Storage Safe, code 2489

Tubehouse Electronics Store:

Door Lock, code 0310

TF29 Headquarters

Office Outside the Shooting Range

Safe, code 2023

IT Support Office

Terminal, code 5545

Duncan Macready’s Office

Computer, password Sharp007

Peter Chang’s Office

Computer, password Aphasia5689

Vincent Black’s Office

Computer, password Origami1970

Golem City

ARC Restricted Area

Mini-storage, code 2544

Room 350420, password Vm451

Dr. Martine’s Home

Safe, code 9990

Exterior Area

Bridge Terminal, code 3354

Social Hub Floor 3

Police Barrack, code 2232

Locked Door, code 2046

Medical Storage, code 6123


Apex Centre

CSO Office, Floor 7, code 5395

VIP Room, Floor 2, code 2202
Source: Shacknews
This game has micro-transactions as well, for shame! And that's on top of the $30.00 season pass. "tsk" "tsk" 
Here is a rundown of everything that's available to buy right now:

  • 1,000 Credits Pack -- $1
  • 5,000 Credits Pack -- $4.50
  • 10,000 Credits Pack -- $7.50
  • 15,000 Credits Pack -- $10
  • Assault Pack -- $5
  • Tactical Pack -- $5
  • Praxis Kit Pack -- $1
  • Praxis Kit Pack (x5) -- $4
  • Praxis Kit Pack (x10) -- $7
  • Chipset Pack (x10) --$1
  • Chipset Pack (x50) -- $4.50
  • Chipset Pack (x100) -- $7.50
  • Chipset Pack (x500) -- $3.50

And here are few comments on this.

"Great. So if you want to max out all skills you'll probably have to grind it out for quite some time. Why can't devs just stick to selling skins and other useless junk like that as microtransactions? There's plenty of people who like to pay for cosmetic stuff so why **** it up for everyone else and give people the option to take the fun out of the game by unlocking everything early on?"


"Pathetic, as usual."


"We don't want the game to be pay-to-win, especially since we're starting with a triple-A game that people are already paying for."

Paying for a gameplay advantage is literally pay-to-win. If you're going that route, at least own it. Don't pretend it isn't P2W."

Here are my "initial" thoughts? 
DLC Divided 

so here's what I think about Deues Ex Mankind divided. first and foremost I'm not a huge fan of the Deus ex series, to me this is a third person action game with RPG elements thrown in. Where do I even begin ? I started the game with an open mind like I always do, but after I started playing the game. My expectations, went down the hill and fast. First of all I made the mistake, of following another players  build. because the build was for a stealth character basically one that was nonlethal. And what  huge mistake that was. When I watched the preview videos, the game gave me a different impression? I thought I was able to play the game the way I wanted to play it? But after playing the game initially I learned that was not true. the game wants me to play as a stealthy nonlethal character. But unfortunately the way the game is set up. I can tell you using your tranquilizer rifle, not the best way to go. Because when you're detected in the game, going nonlethal can get you killed. I recommend carrying the tranquilizer rifle and the combat rifle. Because again when you get into a firefight, the tranquilizer rifle won't save your ass.  And then there is hacking, you have to have everything in this game! And it can be so annoying! If you do not have the right augments unlocked,they can also make the game very difficult to complete. I know I'm not talking much about the character Adam Jensen, but what is there to say? He's a guy while cyborg it's the augmented way too much, he has the personality of Styrofoam.He is voiced by,  Elias Toufexis once again. This game was to be an RPG sort of,and for the most part it does the job I think? Now let's talk about the stealth mechanic known as "cover" it works sometimes? And sometimes it doesn't. He basically when you come across a place where you have to use the cover mechanic you have to find it and then press X and basically will go in to cover. Like I said for the most part it works, but I've yet to see a stealth game that works on hundred percent of the time all the time. 
Conversations and Debates:
OK another thing I wanted to talk about  briefly was , persuasion or speech challenges  to NPC's in the game. It's the whole basis, of the boss battles:( I kinda like it but at the same-time , I miss those "epic" boss battles. Luckily their is an Augment , for just that. It's augment called the , Social Enhancer. It's defiantly worth picking up , all though certain guides will tell you not to do so? Don't listen to that , bullshit! it's one of your best tools:)  Mostly because, the "boss battles" are one huge debate. In fact here is a guide

Go Hack Yourself! Everything, and I literally mean everything is hack-able in Dues EX: MKD :( And that's both a good thing and a bad thing, luckily I just found some Pass code/ Password cheats;) So I hope that will make it a bit easier in the game?  And that's what's so frustrating about this game , I know it said in a cyber punk world but oh my God, Come on! But problem is, every God damn thing requires a pass code or don't code and is so annoying! It can make it even more frustrating,if it's part of completing a mission.Especially this one of the objectives, let me give an example. In one particular mission, you have to do a " favor" for the Russian mob. And it involves not believe this or not? You have to take out All the guards, and then you have to try to turn off the cameras. And then sneak him out, unharmed. OMG! it was a fucking bitch to do so. And that was not the worst part then you had stored in a storage locker, in order to finish the mission. Andy took me several times, to drag his ass over the partition! Just available to stuff him in a fucking locker:(  

Augments: Are basically your superpowers of the game. And in fact you get some new "experimental" mods as well:)  Problem is because your a cyborg it will overclock you, In layman's terms it will overheat your system. And other thing to keep in mind, for every new Augment, you'll have to disable permanently   another augment. And you UN lock these augments, with Praxis Points. Basically you get these points by, either buying kits or simply by playing the game. So her are some important and very useful Augments:) P.S don't let any other so called gamer or website tell you different. Here they are in no particular Order, 
Social Enhancer:  this augment allows you to use C.A.S.I.E "computer assistance social intelligence enhancer" a must for the speech/debate challenges. Smart Vision: think of it as X-ray vision, plus it allows you to see items and enemies and structural cracks on a thermal level. Sentinel Rx Health System: this is pretty "self explanatory" it represents your overall health in the game. It also effects your , overall health regeneration. Serif Series 8 Energy Converter: All of your Augments , require energy to use. Some more then others? So unless you want to either buy or find Bio Cells ? Think of this as self regenerating energy. Implanted Re-breather: their is a shit ton of poison gas in the game, especially in the sewers. UN fortunately, I deactivated mine early in the game:(  Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis: this is used for smashing through walls and lifting heavy objects in the game. Plus it's also reflects your carried innovatory spaces as well. Remote hacking: this is one of your new experimental augments and it's a good one to have and very useful for hacking robots and barricades and disabling camera's and alarms. Icarus Landing: it prevents you from taking damage, when jumping of of very high places? Like buildings and such. Rhino Dermal Armor: you know you's think for a bad ass cyborg , you'd be really tough. Guess what your really not so this a no-brainier. It increases your overall protection to "physical damage" And lastly, Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis: basically think of it as your "high jump" in the game. And as for rest of the augments, you'll have to experiment on which ones you want? But let me stress this very important! Whatever build you go with stick with one build. Which is combat or stealth , I'd mad the mistake of going with a stealth build in the beginning and it's bitten me in the ass more times then I can count.  
Weapons: which represents gun's and grenades and everything in between, so pick two guns and go with those and try an max them both out? I went with the Tranquilizer rifle and Combat Rifle. because with the right attachments , you can turn the combat rifle into a sniper rifle. 

Playtime: how long is Deus Ex MKD ? well IF you do everything in the game side-quests/ main story etc. Your looking at about 40 hours give or take. If your play right through the story your looking about 15-20 hours. So do yourself a favor, sit back and play and enjoy the game:) And do everything. 

So the TRUTH! about Deus EX MKD? this is a Redbox for me , unless your a fanboy of the series ? Then this is an obvious buy. Now even-though , I didn't finish the game? I did play for at least 20 hours, and more then likely I will come back to this game one day and finish it. 

Annihilation Gaming


Breaking the glass...walls of Nexon

This happened last week, so it's not news, but since I also feel like driving my car through the ostentatious glass walls of several institutions just for the moment of ecstasy as the sun shines brilliantly against a billion pieces of shattered glass, I'm going to inform y'all about it. Cool? Cool. 

A 33-year-old Chinese man staying with his older brother in South Korea for three months, in a fit of alcohol-fueled rage, took said brother's vehicle despite not having a valid license and drove said vehicle right through the glass walls of game studio Nexon at 7AM two Sundays ago.

I was #withhim until learning alcohol was a factor. Man, that's dangerous. Someone could have gotten hurt.

The man made the impulsive decision because he claims theMapleStory and (Cliffy B's) Lawbreakers publisher "ruined his life" by fueling his addiction to the publisher's free-to-play games.

Man blames Nexon for game addiction, crashes car into head office[The Korea Herald]
I have recently "expanded" my unique critiquing to metacritic:) I think I am going to like posting my reviews on here. Because no can leave any type of posts etc... feedback. All they can do is agree of disagree. I think I found some like minded people:)  Anyways you can read , what I posted here
There is this asshole that goes by the handle @kreatyve and apparently the "dumbshit" can't even spell "creative" properly.  But the real "issue" here is that this fucker and the rest of them really have it out for me. Always busting my chops on the forums. I really getting to the point, I am about to tell them to literally GO FUCK THEMSELVES! And you know this fucker is enjoying it too.  So here is the latest "issue" with these losers! 

So I started calling people " peanut gallery" and it I was told it was offensive and rude!  Trust me I will show you rude , you motherfucking assholes!  
This is what I posted, note it's "edited" by the moderators Note: the admins,mods can move this post , IF they so choose to do so?

But here is the $64.000 dollar question? I started using one "build" but it was different or not updated ? Not 100% sure. So I found 2 other builds , and I am using a combination of both right now. Like all MMO games , it will ultimately come down to gear. But at the same time , powers and feats and boons will matter. This question is aimed at the NW vets. and what IF a whole new build comes out? I know they're based on opinions, but what about fact and I can anyone recommend a good PVE/PVP build ? Most the one's I have found are PVE only. Thanks:)

And this is what the Ass wipe had to say , and to that I say FUCK YOU! 

kreatyve 11:27AM
Greetings, demigodgamer.

This is to inform you that the above quoted material has been edited. Such does not add anything productive to the Community and is considered trolling and/or flaming. Please keep in mind that if what one is about to say is at all rude or insulting, then do not post it. It truly is that simple.

Please stop referring to your fellow players as "the peanut gallery". It's rude and disrespectful.

While we welcome all opinions and feedback; positive, negative, and neutral alike - we ask that you provide it in a respectful manner and be constructive in your conveyance of it. There is never any reason to be rude or insulting when conveying feedback, giving opinions, or when having discussions in general.

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@kreatyve - PWE Community Moderator

And again let's point out, the dumb shit can't spell "creative" correctly LOL! 
Ultimately , I will get banned from the forums but again, I really don't care. Because it's better putting up with this shit!