The Jungles of Chult Bring Dangerous Dinosaurs, New End-Game Dungeon and the Source of a Mysterious Death Curse 

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – July 25, 2017 – Today, Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of free-to-play MMORPGs, and Cryptic Studios announced Neverwinter: Tomb of Annihilation is now available on PC and arrives later on Xbox One and PlayStation®4. Following The Cloaked Ascendancy’s threat at the heart of Neverwinter, adventurers must turn toward the rest of the Forgotten Realms, which now faces a mysterious Death Curse preventing adventurers being raised from the dead. An expedition to the faraway land of Chult sets the stage for the latest expansion to the free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG with new features, including a new jungle zone, heroic encounters with undead, a new campaign, a new end-game dungeon and, of course, dinosaurs.
The jungle peninsula of Chult may hide the source of the Death Curse threatening the Forgotten Realms, so adventurers travel to the new social hub of Port Nyanzaru to begin their expedition. In an all-new campaign, players must discover the source of the curse, while protecting themselves and fending off Yuan-ti, undead and dinosaurs. Along the way, adventurers will team up with old friends Minsc, Boo, Celeste, the famed explorer Volothamp Geddarm, and an unexpected ally. A complete list of new features in Tomb of Annihilation includes:
  • Chult Jungle Adventure Zone: Explore the Soshenstar River Basin, locating clues and tracking the source of the mysterious Death Curse. Close encounters with prowling dinosaurs and deadly Yuan-ti await adventurers.
  • Port Nyanzaru Social Hub: The port will not only grant adventurers safety from the beasts of Chult, but also act as a home away from home. Vendors, quest-givers, and more await in this new destination.
  • Tomb of the Nine Gods Dungeon: An end-game experience is now available for seasoned adventurers with a knack for feats of daring. This dungeon features powerful bosses, ancient puzzles, and a challenge unlike any before in Neverwinter.
  • Monster Hunts with Volo: The famed explorer and all-around monster authority ventures to Chult as well, offering players the opportunity to track and catalogue local beasts. D&D game designer and all-around maestro, Chris Perkins voices the famous Volothamp Geddarm in Neverwinter.
  • Tomb of Annihilation Campaign: Following the conclusion of the Death Curse storyline, players will open up an end-game campaign exploring the Soshenstar River, leading into the heart of Chult.
  • Other features: An additional bag slot, private PvP queues, dinosaur mounts, heroic encounters and repeatable adventures are now available.

In GET EVEN, players assume the role of Cole Black, an ice-cold mercenary and hired gun, as he suddenly awakens in the middle of a mysterious asylum with almost no recollection of his past, save for a haunting memory of a young girl in mortal danger. Under the guidance of his anonymous captor, ‘Red’, Black embarks on a form of treatment, facilitated by a unique technology - a headset that enables the user to relive his memories and experience them again in the present. With the help of the “Pandora” headset, Cole must traverse the abandoned asylum to confront unexpected plot twists and uncover the truth of his past to travel through the depths of his mind for salvation. 

“We’re excited for gamers to experience the taut psychological horror of GET EVEN. The Farm 51 team has created a multi-dimensional storyline that immerses players into a compelling and frightening mystery, making them question their perception of reality and justice,” said Eric Hartness, Vice President of Marketing at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. “Intense action, chilling ambiance, and a tense musical score from award-winning composer Olivier Derivière come together to create an amnesiac nightmare that gamers won’t soon forget.”

Next Day: Survival officially launches on Steam!

Next Day: Survival is a multi-player SURVIVAL game with elements of RPG. Its action takes place in an imaginary country within the Eastern Europe, a large part of whose territory is contaminated with toxic fog. The player's main task is to survive, to develop his game character's skills, and to interact with the surrounding world, other players, and non-player characters (NPCs). In the course of the game, the character earns a reputation, which gives him the chance to join various factions of survivors, each with their own features and limitations.

Also waiting for you in the game:
  • A magnificent story. Unlike many other survival games, Next Day has a carefully crafted storyline. Of course, carrying out tasks isn't required. You can just complete the main task, to survive. However, these story quests will help you better plunge into the world of the project; to know the essence of nature and a person's role in it. Transport - if you are lucky, you can acquire a means of transportation. The game can be controlled by various means of transport, from a car to a truck.
  • A sophisticated crafting system-without skillful hands you can do nothing in the wild.  An easy and convenient system allows you to create the necessary items needed for survival. You can create the tools and weapons necessary for survival as well as restore cars.
  • There are a variety of game modes. Basic-game mode combines SURVIVAL and RPG. Single-the opportunity to play alone in basic mode. PVE-is almost identical to basic except for the possibility of inflicting damage upon other players. Last Survivor-the action of this mode takes place in an area contaminated by a toxic fog and time is limited!
  • Quests in survival. The presence of quests gives a player certain objectives and each group has its own line of quests apart from the basic ones-the delivery of items, killing animals, NPCs or temporary task. There are quests that allow players to collide in real-time.
  • Reputation and group affiliation. A player receives reputation points for killing other players or NPCs. This is determined by his affiliation with one group or another.  The player himself has the right to choose which side he wants to be on.

If you love survival games, then you’re in luck, because there’s a grim new dystopian world for you to explore in Next Day. As of today, test access is being sold on the game’s official site, and everyone who’s a fan of shows like “Man vs. Wild”, “Survivorman” and others can test the limits of their own endurance deep in the wilderness. But be warned, the wilds aren’t your only enemy—much, much more terrifying opponents lurk in their depths. Humans kill each other even in times of plenty, so when faced with bitter cold and hardship, their savage, primeval qualities take over and they turn into cunning, underhand, pitiless enemies.

The most dangerous are those people who think that weapons and only weapons can prolong their lives. "Marauders", whose communities are human society's true clumps of garbage: former prisoners, murderers and rapists.

Less dangerous are the "Savages", who in contrast to the marauders, do not raid other settlements with the aim to profit at a stranger's expense. They live alone in the forests or in small families.

One other group exists and it's the one to which we belong, the "Peaceful Ones". We are civilized people trying to preserve moral principles and humanity in ourselves.
New Agent Trio lets the dolls dance

In the face of chaos, Persephone calls the Firing Squad!

If grace is not an option, morality can pose a question of visibility and reliability, then it's time for Scheherazade, Oni and Kingpin - or the FiringSquad . 

The trailer for reporting on YouTube:

Ladies first: About the mysterious Assassin Scheherezade , the wildest rumors are circulating. No one knows the truth or the face behind the mask; No one except of course Persephone Brimstone. Sheherazade as well as fatally as well as movably puts on her sword and her throwing knives, if it is legion to fillet. Like a shadow that blows through the night, it disappears from the field of view of its opponents, only to show up behind the surprised enemies a few seconds later, and to disassemble them as cleanly as a Japanese cook a ball fish. 

If the distance is too big or bullet hail, Scheherazade can always rely on the support of their criminal colleagues. One of them is Oni, son of a Japanese merchant, Who has learned his craft in the networks of organized crime. The sight of his Mempo-mask alone gives him an aura of fear that weakens enemies. In combination with his sound-dampened pistol, he spreads so badly under Legion's troops. 

No less "gangster" but - in his own opinion - more style, that is Kingpin, the third in the league of the Firing Squad . Born under the name Pierce Washington in Stilwater, Persephone recruited the would-be hip hop star. Free according to the motto: Style beats talent, Kingpin spreads the volleys of his machine pistol loosely from the wrist. To the top form, however, he runs up, if he challenges the opponents in the truest sense to the dance-battle thanks to his music - the Dubstep Gun sends greetings. Dancing enemies can not know how to run away or fight back. 

Is it me joke or not? Conan tried hitting on Kate Upton. You can tell again, it might be part of the joke? She looks rather bored during the dinner. And it was so pathetic to watch:(  Oh we got a bit of game play but not too much of it.  One the hand I'm glad this is an Xbox exclusive, because lately PS4 has been getting a lot of them. Is because it's a popularity contest and PS4 is winning. So congrats PS4, not! 

Grip Digital launch the brand new console iterations of 5 Bits Games’ award-winning first person platformer, today.

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - July 14th 2017 - Publisher and developer Grip Digital, have announced today, that the critically-acclaimed first person platformer DeadCore, arrives today on Xbox One and PlayStation®4 priced at $7.99.

Watch the brand new DeadCore launch trailer, here:

Described by PC players as “the ultimate parkour, deadly and incredible to look at, DeadCore is a gritty first person platformer blending exploration, speedrunning and puzzles. After falling endlessly through powerful magnetic storms, players will find themselves in a desolate world with no memory, surrounded by void. As they explore this unforgiving futuristic environment, they’ll discover a gigantic Tower at the centre of the dense fog. Equipped with a 'SwitchGun', they must make their way to the top of the Tower, deciphering cryptic messages as they search for answers along the way.
Fans can expect a perilous journey full of traps, complex mechanisms, gaps to cross, and lethal foes. They question is; will their journey allow them to solve the mystery surrounding this strange and abstract world?
To request a review code for DeadCore, please email: .


Notes to Editors: 
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About Grip Digital
Grip Digital s.r.o. is a privately owned developer and publisher of games for consoles and high-end portable devices, based in Prague, Czech Republic. The company was started by industry veterans who worked on games across all major platforms. GRIP is working with the top independent developers to bring their games to console platforms and PC. For more information, please visit .

About 5 bits Games
5 bits Games is an independent studio composed by several friends that met while studying game development at the Enjmin in Angoulême, France. After several experiences in the game industry, they teamed up to create their own studio to support their new game, DeadCore.

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