Driving the Batmobile , is absolutely fucking horrendous !   Which is MY major gripe , with Batman Arkham Knight.  In fact, it literary kills the whole game for me:[
As kids, we all remember these  famous lyrics "Jingle Bells ,Batman smells , and Robin layed an egg."  "The Batmobile lost it's wheel, and the Joker got away "
Well sufice to say , the Batmobile has literary lost it's wheel.   A good chunk of Batman Arkham Knight is driving the Batmobile and the controls are so wonky.  And they definitely don't feel solid:[  And  I could excuse that, only IF you hadn't had to drive the Batmobile for most this game.  And don't even started on the , major fucking frustrattion you will have completing the Riddler Races.   Because the Batmobile controls, are shit!   Maybe  not complete and total shit.  But nonetheless , they are shit!  I have been playing games since the Atari days.    And they never can seem to make responsive controls for driving games, wtf?   yes  driving games have sucked since the early days of gaming:[  From Pole Position to Spy Hunter, driving games have sucked !   Well, you can add Batman Arkham Knight to that , ever growing list of bad driving in games.
So here is theTRUTH -  Batman Arkham Knight , is definitely for the Hardcore Gamer out their:]  Between the frustrating driving mechanics  and frustrating puzzle solving ?  And the fact the core game is a 100 hours alone without any dlc added?  You'll be playing Batman Arkham Knight , for quite a while lol!    {Annihilation Gaming}

Here is a Video from the 1989 Batman special :] I give you, The Countdown Revolution Dancers;]
Face it, we all get bored at some point?  And one of my pet peeves is entitlement.  I hate entitlement! Here is the definition , for those too "dog shit lazy " to look it up;] http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/entitlement  although I'm not on the ESO official forums yet. "scary thought"  I decided to pick a random forum post, and TRUTHFULY answer it:]  So without further ado, here is todays Dumb Ass question . P.S. I'm going to be like this on the official ESO forums;] so get used to it.

Makkir posted this heading , Can you guys offer a free X day trial ? Makkir went on to write this. I have friends that keep asking me about ESO but don't want to dish out the 60 bucks
for the client without first trying the game. Can you please offer a 10 day trial of the game so players can see and feel the world before investing the 60 bucks?  For the sake of my own playing experience I would really like an avenue to get more and more players into the game.
Allow me to TRUTHFULLY answer;] it's called renting , dumbass!  Both Gamefly and Redbox will have it for rent on June 9th. Apparently , I'm the only one on this planet earth that actually still rents games. Before you actually buy them?I have doged so many "bullets" aka shit games, it's not even funny as too how I avoided buying shit games :]

Original Post: http://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/173498/can-you-guys-please-offer-a-free-x-day-trial

Attention stupid masses and wannabe gamers, you make my head hurt with your idiot "troll logic"  Plus you insult me and other HARCORE  gamers , and what we stand for. And our passion , with your "myopic" aka pea-brained thinking. So one last time, I will fucking explain this.
F2p http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free-to-play
B2p http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=B2P
P2P http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pay-to-play