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Evan Narcisse 10 March 2015 1:30 PM
Briefly: Still think the Joker might be coming back in Batman: Arkham Knight? Well, in the latest chapter of the tie-in digital comic, the Clown Prince of Crime gets cremated. The folks at DC Comics and sister company Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment are sure trying their best to convince fans that it won’t happen.

The first four chapters of the digital comic get collected in a single issue that comes out this Wednesday.

We’ve recently seen an increase in the sale of fraudulently obtained digital game keys for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.

We want to remind gamers to shop wisely and only purchase online keys from a reputable source. Fraudulently obtained keys obtained via Steam and then re-sold via third-party websites is a violation of both our and Steam’s Terms of Service. We will be deactivating all game accounts created with such stolen keys starting on Tuesday, May 26th. Affected users will receive an email with instructions on how to regain access to their game account via a valid game purchase.

The companies selling stolen keys make a practice of using stolen credit cards, or misappropriating credit card information from their own customers to buy codes from legitimate retailers. Often these companies have the lowest price available anywhere for the digital item they are selling. Customers who purchase from these vendors are at increased risk for identity theft.

Extreme discounting below the published prices on our website may be a clue that the digital key purchased for the game may have been fraudulently obtained.

We want to ensure that you have the best game experience possible. To avoid unknowingly purchasing a stolen game key we suggest that you purchase from our site or one of the official retailers listed below.

• 2game
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Update:  Update: We’ve removed "MacGameStore" from the previously released list. They were erroneously listed as a digital retailer that we support.

Source:  Elder Scrolls Online

I swear to god! Every single game reviewer, but your truly literary has their head up their ass over the Witcher 3 ?  It boggles my fucking mind!  But unfortunately that's you get when your "paid" to review a game, that and myopic thinking and tons of fanboy opinions. "rolls eyes"  The Witcher 3 is a good rpg game , not a "masterpiece" as every single review would lead you to believe?  I'm honestly shocked, at a few reviewers that at one time respected.  Say, one Kevin Van Ord who writes game reviews for Gamespot.  Who usually , is very non-biased gamer?  But for his Witcher 3 review , in giving it a 10/10 has officialy sold out!
"Sigh" were do I even begin to, point out the many "issues" I have with this game without spoiling it.
I'll start with tutorial\prolougue , which I recommend not to skip. Because it has one of the best openings for not only an RPG , but one the best opening "cut scenes" in a while.  "Hint" hell literary freezes over;]  and I will leave it for that now.
Now let's move on to the controls and the wonky combat, that keep this game from true greatness?  Oh I'm sure it will get patched  at some point, long before you play the game. But, I'm reviewing this game as is, with one mandatory patch already installed on consoles. But yet it's "optional" with the PC version.   I'm going focus my review on the major issues I have with the Witcher 3 , and the game reviews as a whole and also talk about one thing every single review has missed?  Is why it's called the Wild Hunt, and thihgs I did like. Plus those little touches as well.   But my main issue! with the Witcher 3 , is this game is far from  perfect as everyone is making it to be.  As a personal note, I will be very disapointed to see Witcher 3 end up being GOTY 2015.  Anyways moving on,  

Better Late Than DEAD Arrives on Steam Early Access for PC in July 2015.

The Game

You awaken on an island with no memory but a child’s photograph is in your pocket. To uncover the mysteries of the island and the past, the player will need to search for resources and locate a way to escape. Played in both first and third person view, the game features a crafting system that is inspired by classic point and click adventure games. Players will not stack items in a table but will create new items by using actions like Cut & Tie.   Launching in Early Access with up to four players in Multiplayer mode, the game will evolve to include new gameplay mechanics and increase the number of players online.

You’ll explore an open sandbox environment where further investigation reveals the incongruous and outlandish nature of your environment. Craft items, seek shelter, quench your thirst, satisfy your hunger and fend off animals. What will you need to escape the island? The answers are waiting.

Game Features:

·         Uncover a story that unfolds with new updates
·         Craft items using a combination of objects and methods like cutting and tying
·         Online Multiplayer mode
·         Lose blood, break bones, be poisoned and stave off hunger and thirst
·         Varying weather conditions that affect gameplay
·         Procedurally generated items that the player must find in order to leave the island
·         Dangerous animals including wolves, snakes and sharks
·         Permadeath – Will you be able to escape the island or will you succumb to its menace?

Better Late Than DEAD goes live on Steam Early Access in early July 2015. Commenting on the game, Odin’s co-founder Alexandre Kikuchi offered: “We’ve developed an adventure game based on survival elements that challenges the player with common decisions, where men and animals are part of one plot, but different destinies await. Better Late than DEAD brings a new challenge for old and new survivors!”