I am happy to announce that Zombi, is coming to Ps4 PS plus in April, finally! Were getting a triple A title for PS Plus:) Look, I relay could care less about these "indie titles" I have played them and I haven't been impressed. They tend to be these "knock offs" of games I have played as a kid. And this one thing that always bothered me as a gamer. That the Ps3 was still getting "triple A" games while Ps4 was getting these lame indie titles. Now don't quote me on this but, this is the first time I am a where that Ps4 owners are getting a "free" triple A game for PS plus? April 5th couldn't get here sooner;)  Unfortunately, I recently let my PS plus subscription lapse. Oh well lol! I guess I will have to re-new it. Because this time, it's really worth it:) And of course I will have MY take on it with a TRUTH review to follow afterwards. 


Source: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2016/03/30/playstation-plus-free-games-for-april-2016/

March 21, 2016


Are you ready to embrace the fiery flavours of the deepest darkest chicken wing challenge yet? Well, prepare to sacrifice your soul to the Food Gods in the sky with the Dark Souls Wings Challenge this April. WARNING: they’re HOT.

MEATliquor and Bandai Namco Entertainment UK and Sony Computer Entertainment UK have teamed up to create the Dark Souls Wings Challenge. Bringing a true sensory assault to your taste buds, the UK public will be challenged to eat twenty wings in the fastest time possible under extreme pressure.

From 4th April to 29th April, any brave challenger can visit a MEATliquor restaurant* to enter the Dark Souls Wings Challenge. Simply buy your wings and focus your mind on the eternal flame!

Those brave enough to take on the challenge will feel the heat, as a portion of the twenty wings are smothered in a quarter of a litre of chilli sauce; MEATliquor’s darkest chilli sauce specially created for this challenge. The chef preparing the wings for hardy challengers is required to wear protective gloves, a mask and goggles to protect from the intensity of heat, as the wings pack a punch.

Although full of flavour, the heat is so intense that participants are required to sign a waiver before competing in the contest and must too wear protective gloves throughout the challenge.

Anyone able to complete the challenge will be rewarded with an exclusive ‘I SURVIVED’ the Dark Souls Wings Challenge T-Shirt and every victorious completer will be included in the Hall of Souls leaderboard for each restaurant.

The winner with the fastest time from each restaurant will receive a PlayStation®4 with the Dark Souls Collector’s Edition, while the Soul survivor with the fastest time in the country will also receive a very limited Prestige Edition, which includes a colossal 40cm Lord of Cinder Figurine.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with such an exciting food group as MEATliquor, whose famous food, individual approach and adventurous challenges have clearly captured the interest of food enthusiasts all across the UK” said Lee Kirton, PR & Marketing Director of Bandai Namco Entertainment UK. “Dark Souls III challenges players to overcome the odds – and we hope everyone will also enjoy the challenge of overcoming these incredibly hot wings”.

“Video games & hot wings are two of my favourite things in life; the MEATliquor #DarkSoulsWings Challenge combines both. Come to MEATliquor and test your mettle”. Yianni Papoutsis, Co-Founder & Creative Director of MEATliquor

Can you take on the challenge and achieve victory over the competition?



Dark Souls III is released April 12th on PS4, PC & XBOXONE

*Participating MEATliquor restaurants include: MEATliquor (W1 London), MEATliquor (N1 London), MEATliquor (Leeds), MEATliquor (Brighton), MEATliquor (Bristol), MEATmission (Hoxton, London), MEATmarket (Covent Garden, London), CHICKENliquor (Brixton, London)

Source: https://www.bandainamcoent.eu/news/2016/03/21/dark-souls-wings-challenge-at-meatliquor-restaurant/5552

Dark Souls 3 will be the next game I am going to cover;) And in the mean time here are some early reviews for the "scorekeepers" out their. 



So the Overwatch beta , is cathing some "flack" over a sexy pose to "sell more copies of a game" gasp! You don't say, so some tool by the name of Fipps lol!  is being a total SWJ "rolls eyes" and not to mention totally "but hurt" no pun intended. Here is what Blizzard entertainment had to say about the "issue" I will have my thoughts later?


[Update: Kaplan recently posted a follow-up, elucidating on the team's decision to replace the animation. "We weren't entirely happy with the original pose, it was always one that we wrestled with creatively. We made the decision to go with a different pose in part because we shared some of the same concerns, but also because we wanted to create something better," Kaplan wrote.

"We wouldn’t do anything to sacrifice our creative vision for Overwatch, and we're not going to remove something solely because someone may take issue with it. [...] We understand that not everyone will agree with our decision, and that's okay. This wasn't pandering or caving, though. This was the right call from our perspective, and we think the game will be just as fun the next time you play it."

Although this does manage to clarify some things on Blizzard's part, we'll update this article if we hear anything else.]

Earlier today, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan promised to replace a victory pose for one of the game's heroes after a fan wrote about their dissatisfaction with it. The pose in question is "Over the Shoulder," which prominently displays Tracer's butt. At press time we have no word on a replacement animation, but we've reached out to Blizzard for comment on the matter.

Battle.net user Fipps was the catalyst for the change, posting a forum thread entitled "Overwatch's Strong Female Heroes and that one Tracer Pose." In the post, Fipps says the nature of the pose turns Tracer into "another bland sex symbol" and ignores the "silly" nature of the character.

"We aren't looking at a Widowmaker pose here, this isn't a character who is in part defined by flaunting her sexuality. This pose says to the player base, oh we've got all these cool diverse characters, but at any moment we are willing to reduce them to sex symbols to help boost our investment game," wrote Fipps.

In Kaplan's response, he apologized for the pose and promised to do better. "We want *everyone* to feel strong and heroic in our community. The last thing we want to do is make someone feel uncomfortable, under-appreciated or misrepresented."
Source: http://www.destructoid.com/blizzard-cuts-overwatch-victory-pose-at-fan-s-request-351485.phtml